House Farm Bill Failure Sets Back Timber Innovation Provisions

Last week, the House farm bill, which contained part of the Timber Innovation Act (TIA), failed by a vote of 198-213. It now appears less likely that the House will find a compromise and pass H.R. 2, leaving the provisions of the TIA without a vehicle for the time being. Earlier this year, in a victory for NRMCA and coalition partners, the House Agriculture Committee included only one provision of the Timber Innovation Act in the 2018 farm bill, stripping out the Tall Wood Building Prize Competition that sought to put wood in the tall building market, 85 feet and above. NRMCA met with key members of the House Agriculture Committee and Rules Committee to monitor for and defeat pro-wood amendments.

NRMCA and coalition partners continue to work to prevent the inclusion of the Tall Wood Building Competition in the Senate farm bill.

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