NRMCA Discusses Pervious Concrete with Florida Engineers

NRMCA Pavement Engineer Amanda Hult and Florida Concrete & Products Association’s Director of Concrete Pavements Santiago Rodriguez recently met with engineering firms Chen-Moore and CES Consultants out of south Florida to discuss pervious concrete design. Both firms agreed that pervious concrete is necessary for many land development projects in the state. “With high land costs and robust stormwater requirements, pervious concrete seems like a no brainer for new developments,“ one engineer stated.

Maintenance was a topic of discussion, with both firms citing it as a potential concern for local municipalities. Hult shared the Pervious Concrete Pavement Maintenance and Operations Guide with the group and encouraged attendees to use the guide as a talking point with municipal officials. Attendees were also provided information on the new site. The design engineers liked the ability to use one software for several types of pavement design.

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