Parking Lot Boot Camp Ends 2017 with Milestone

In mid-December, Jon Hansen, NRMCA senior vice president of local paving, and his colleague, Phil Kresge, vice president of local paving, traveled to southwestern Minnesota to conduct the popular NRMCA Concrete Parking Lot Boot Camp at the headquarters of K&M Concrete Construction, Inc. At the invitation of K&M president Andy Kooiker, owners and top management of NRMCA producer member Buffalo Ridge Concrete, Inc. also participated in the 10 hours over 2-day Boot Camp.

“K&M Concrete Construction is an aggressive, growing concrete contractor extending its work coverage over many states. With the recent addition of a Somero Laser Screed® with 3D equipment, it will be aggressively expanding into all phases of parking lot construction, both new and overlay,” reported Hansen. “K&M’s Parking Lot Boot Camp also represented a milestone, being the 20th Parking Lot Boot Camp conducted since their inception. We think this is a fitting conclusion to closing out 2017.”

Parking Lot Boot Camps are now being scheduled for 2018. To find out more, contact Jon Hansen at or any local paving team member here.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association