2018 Certified Concrete Sales Professional Classes Now Open for Registration

The last two Certified Concrete Sales Professional (CCSP) series are open for registration. Register now and take the fee as a 2017 expense. They will be taught at NRMCA’s headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. The schedule is as follows:

Module 3: RMC Business Knowledge, January 24-26 - Content is an overview of critical business concepts used in the RMC business, focusing on RMC job cost analysis. Assure your reps know the factors to price a job profitably without solely relying on a plug-and-chug software program.

Module 4: Professional Sales Skills and Promotion, March 21-23 - Mid-level staff learn to apply consultative, team-based, cross-selling methods in ready mixed concrete situations.

Each class stands alone so it does NOT have to be taken consecutively or collectively. Additionally, these are the required courses in the STEPS® Sales and Promotion certification program, where those in the field earn the industry's most prestigious capstone certification, the CCPf.

For more information, contact NRMCA's Jessica Walgenbach at jwalgenbach@nrmca.org or 240-485-1152.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association