NRMCA Lends Assistance in Massachusetts Paving Efforts

NRMCA Senior Vice President, Local Paving Jon Hansen traveled to Boston last week to assist the efforts of Craig Dauphinais, executive director, Massachusetts Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association (MaCAPA), in his efforts to promote concrete paving in the commonwealth. Hansen testified before a panel of legislators in support of Bill S1966 which would open the door for concrete paving in the state. His testimony focused on the benefits that a dual paving program brings to a state Department of Transportation and taxpayers, and how competition of paving material lowers the cost of all paving projects.

Others testifying on behalf of MaCAPA in support of the bill were Dan DeGraaf with the Michigan Concrete Association, Leif Wathne with the American Concrete Pavement Association, Randy Kirchain with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and James Donovan Jr., director of government affairs for the Teamsters Union.

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