Registration Now Open for Workshops for Sales Managers, Sales Reps

NRMCA is now offering two tracks of sales classes, one for sales managers and another for sales representatives:

*New Sales Manager Leadership Series: The Sales Management Development Program marries a workshop with follow-up online lectures to give ready mixed concrete sales managers the tools to have a positive, profound impact on their sales staff. During the winter months, sales managers will work through a step-by-step process to assure their team kicks into full gear as the busy spring season starts.

Part 1: The Sales Management Leadership Workshop on November 15-16 launches the program with a networking dinner of peers, followed by a two-day, intensive workshop that focuses on the critical skills and tools needed by today’s ready mixed concrete sales managers. The content’s cornerstone is an industry-specific, real life case study where attendees team with colleagues to learn and implement new strategies that optimize the performance of a sales team while building personal management, leadership and sales coaching skills.

Part 2: Webinar lectures. Following the workshop, participants partake in a mandatory series of three Webinars.
• Webinar #1: Sales Performance Assessments and Reviews...for Ready Mix Sales Managers | January 23, 2018
• Webinar #2: Personal Leadership and Coaching | February 20, 2018
• Webinar #3: Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Top Performing Ready Mix Sales Reps | March 20, 2018

This is a one-price package; you cannot register for separate pieces. Space is limited to 25. Click here for more information and registration options. *Please note that this content is NOT for sales reps. The E-NEWS item directly below is targeted for them.

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