NRMCA Offers New Course Titled Concrete’s Contribution to LEED v4

NRMCA has published a new course titled Concrete’s Contribution to LEED v4 and has announced it in the August issue of Architect magazine and in Hanley Wood’s online university. The article discusses advancement in LEED v4 that will change the way design professionals, contractors and product manufacturers do business. Many credits, such as Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction and Optimized Energy Performance, are refined. Others, such as Material and Resource (MR) credits, challenge product manufacturers to disclose their environmental, social and health impacts in third-party validated reports. This article reveals strategies using concrete that yield successful results in achieving sustainability goals.

As part of the Build with Strength initiative to educate the building and design communities on the benefits of ready mixed concrete, NRMCA has published three courses in Architect magazine and Hanley Wood University, including:
Concrete's Contribution to LEED v4 (Print Course)
Insulating Concrete Forms for Commercial Construction (Print Course)
Insulating Concrete Forms for Multifamily Residential Construction (Print Course)

Anyone can take the courses and they are free. For more information, contact Lionel Lemay at or 847-918-7101.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association