Most Recent Edition of National Concrete Consortium Newsletter Now Available Online

The July 2017 edition of NCC E-News is issued by the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center. The following are covered in more details with links to research reports:

• The July 2017 MAP (Moving Advancement into Practice) Brief "Developing a Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for Implementing Performance Engineered Mixtures for Concrete Pavements" describes a system for implementing Performance Engineered Mixes along with new test methods to better evaluate the overall quality and expected performance of the concrete pavement.
• A recent Transportation Research Board project in Colorado evaluated the performance of 11 different pervious concrete pavement mixtures subjected to freeze-thaw conditions.
• The Washington State DOT recently evaluated revised standards for performance-based mixes for concrete bridge decks.
• A recent Texas DOT study developed a new technology called the Total Pavement Acceptance Device to evaluate distressed pavements for rehabilitation.
• The Missouri DOT developed two new high-performance concrete mixtures for pavements and bridge infrastructure.
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