NRMCA’s Updated 2017 Hours of Service (HOS) Guide Now Available

Do you have questions about the Hours of Service 30-minute break? Did you know the ready mixed concrete industry now has an exemption from the 30-minute break? Did you know ready mix drivers’ logging exemption was extended to 14 hours? Answers, explanations and guidance on these questions, and more, are now part of NRMCA's Compliance Guide for the Federal Drivers' Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.

Over the last decade, the federal drivers' Hours of Service (HOS) regulations have been subject to numerous court actions and congressional meddling. Now, once again, there are recent, new revisions to the HOS rules, including the confusing 30-minute break, 34-hour restart provision and when mixer drivers do and don’t need to use logs. Do you know how these changes impact your drivers? Is your company in compliance? Do you know how to be compliant? The 2017 HOS Guide will explain what the law is, how the industry is impacted and what your company and drivers need to do, or not do, to be compliant. The 2017 HOS Guide also covers the new ready mixed concrete driver compliance scenario for Electronic Logging Devices or ELDs.

NRMCA's 2017 Drivers' Hours of Service Regulations Compliance Guide has all the answers to help you and your company be prepared for complying with Hours of Service regulations.

Click here to obtain your copy of the revised 2017 Drivers' Hours of Service Regulations Compliance Guide. For more information, contact Kevin Walgenbach at

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