NRMCA-Backed Labor Nominee Alex Acosta Slated for Committee Vote

Secretary of Labor nominee Alex Acosta sailed through his confirmation hearing last week before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. The Committee is expected to vote on his confirmation later this week and favorably recommend him to the full Senate. There is no indication yet of when Mr. Acosta’s full Senate confirmation vote will take place. NRMCA supported Mr. Acosta, advocating for him and submitted letters of support on behalf of the ready mixed concrete industry on his behalf. These letters were sent to the Senate and HELP Committee leadership prior to Mr. Acosta’s nomination hearing. Letters like this are frequently read aloud by supportive senators or placed in the record to demonstrate support for the nominee.

The Secretary of Labor is a position that will have a significant impact on the ready mixed concrete industry. Department of Labor rules like the overtime rule and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decisions relating to joint-employer standards and micro-unions have had a negative impact on the ready mixed concrete industry. President Trump will fill three vacancies to the NLRB during his first term. Whoever serves as labor secretary will advise President Trump on these appointments. Mr. Acosta was admired as someone who applied the law rather than stretched it and extended it.

Mr. Acosta’s reputation of being an independent and fair advocate for applying the law will serve to rein in onerous regulations and justly apply existing rules. Mr. Acosta previously served on the National Labor Relations Board; during his tenure he was admired as someone who applied the law rather than stretched and extended it. Well respected by both conservative lawmakers and labor unions alike, Alex Acosta has garnered substantial support since being named as President Trump’s second pick for Secretary of Labor. Conservative Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) praised Acosta for being a conservative who understands the law and believes in the free market.

Click here to read NRMCA’s letter of support. Click here to read the NACA coalition’s letter of support.
NRMCA Government Affairs will continue to follow Mr. Acosta’s confirmation process and keep you apprised.

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