More of Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Poised for Confirmation

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has votes planned this week for more of President Trump’s cabinet nominees, including Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, Tom Price and Steve Mnuchin, nominees for Secretary of Education, Attorney General, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Secretary of the Treasury, respectively. Depending on how Democrats choose to behave on the floor of the Senate, Leader McConnell may also be able to bring Scott Pruitt, the President’s nominee for administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, up for a vote. Mr. Pruitt was approved by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee last week after Democrats boycotting of committee votes prompted Republican leadership to suspend committee rules and proceed with the vote. All President Trump’s cabinet nominees are expected to be confirmed by the full Senate.

The nominations of Steve Mnuchin and Scott Pruitt are of particular interest to NRMCA and its members. Mr. Mnuchin is expected to play a key role in crafting and implementing President Trump’s tax reform plan, as well as modernizing and improving the functions of the IRS. As Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt has consistently opposed the Obama era executive federal overreach, particularly in the form of Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Mr. Pruitt has promised, as EPA Administrator, to uphold the rule of law and to be a partner with states in crafting workable regulations to protect our nation’s environment and natural resources in a way that recognizes the impact that regulations have on small businesses and their ability to create jobs and contribute to the economy.

NRMCA has written letters of support to both the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and to Senate leadership on behalf of Mr. Pruitt’s confirmation and looks forward to the Senate’s confirmation vote and Mr. Pruitt’s administration.

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