Raw Material Extraction Will Drive Sustainability Reporting

There is no dispute that natural resources are finite, whether those resources are sand and gravel for concrete, timber for wood or iron ore for steel. And even though raw materials for concrete are some of the most abundant on earth, it is becoming clear that extracting those materials in a responsible way and being able to communicate sourcing practices will become a large part of a company’s ability to operate effectively into the future. Beyond product strategies of reduce, reuse and recycle or operational efficiency strategies, starting in October 2016, LEED v4 projects will require companies to report on their raw material extraction practices. Companies who source their materials responsibly and report on their sourcing practices will be favored in LEED.
That’s why NRMCA is collaborating with the Concrete Sustainability Council to develop a responsible sourcing certification program that is intended to help producers look at the bigger picture beyond compliance.  The framework guides a producer into their upstream suppliers to evaluate practices, that could impact their long-term business sustainability. The intent of the program is to enhance supply chain transparency and elevate environmental, social and governance practices so that concrete producers can meet ongoing trends of supply chain sustainability or green building standards, such as LEED v4.

For more details, contact James Bogdan at jbogdan@nrmca.org or 412-420-4138.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association