CP Tech Center June 2016 Newsletter Is Now Online

The June 2016 newsletter of the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center reports the following items:
• A report is available on internal curing used for a bridge deck in Buchanan County, IA. The concrete had reduced susceptibility to cracking and, using Life-365, it is predicted that the service life for the section of the bridge with internal curing would be extended by about 20 years.
• The CP Tech Center is developing Web-based workshops to replace some of face-to-face training. The Webinars will be recorded and available online.
• A showcase is planned for August 9 in Salt Lake City on real-time smoothness technology of concrete pavements. Registration is required, but there is fee to attend.
• The center is providing online resources to its popular technical publications to universities and students about designing and constructing concrete pavement systems.
Click here for more information on these and other resources.

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