Virginia, Kentucky Host Pervious Concrete Maintenance Events

With an increasing emphasis on the importance of proper maintenance for pervious concrete pavements, two state associations recently hosted pervious concrete maintenance demonstrations, reports NRMCA Senior Director, Local Paving, Phil Kresge. The Virginia Ready-Mixed Concrete Association’s Northern Virginia Concrete Advisory Council (NVCAC) hosted Pervious Concrete Maintenance and Cleaning at the Brambleton Public Safety Center in Ashburn. The event featured presentations by Charlie Mitchell of Specialized Engineering, Frederick, MD, and Alan Sparkman, executive director of the Tennessee Concrete Association and member of the ACI 522 Committee. In the same vein, the Kentucky Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (KRMCA) hosted its Maintenance and Cleaning Pervious Concrete Program and Demonstration on the campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. Once again, Mr. Sparkman was the featured presenter.

Both venues included existing pervious concrete pavements that had experienced minimal, if any, maintenance procedures. Each event opened with introductory presentations, followed by demonstrations of ASTM C1701-09: Standard Test Method for Infiltration Rate of In-Place Pervious Concrete. Once the benchmark infiltration rate was determined, various cleaning procedures were demonstrated, including both dry and wet vacuuming. Following the cleaning, the ASTM test procedure was again performed and the new infiltration rates were compared to the previous marks.

"Maintenance is key for all porous pavements used for stormwater control," stated KRMCA Executive Director Finley Messick. "These pavements all need a solid maintenance program to insure that they will continue to perform for many years after installation." Sparkman’s presentation at both events included directives on establishing a proper maintenance program. 

Attendees at each event included municipal engineers, inspectors, public works personnel and contractors. Within the program handouts, each participant received NRMCA’s Pervious Concrete Pavement Maintenance and Operations Guide. It was reported that one representative from the Kentucky Stormwater Association was impressed enough to be looking to co-host a similar statewide event.

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