Federal Labor Officials Finalize Employee Union Election "Persuader" Rule

Last week, the Department of Labor (DOL) published its long-awaited and contentious "Persuader" final rule. Originally proposed back in 2011, the Persuader final rule now requires employers to disclose when they seek legal advice before an employee union election or campaign. Prior to finalizing the rule, an employer was only required to disclose this information when a legal advisor had direct communication with employees regarding their union elections or campaigns. The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW), of which NRMCA is an active member, is currently reviewing the final rule with an eye toward possible litigation. As the rule continues to be analyzed, NRMCA will relay any updates as they arise.

Click here to view DOL’s Web page on the final rule.
Click here to view DOL’s Overview/Summary.
Click here to view DOL’s Factsheet on the rule.
Click here to view the final rule.

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