Western New York Producer Hosts Educational Day for Architects and Engineers

In its continuing effort to educate the design community, NRMCA Producer member United Materials hosted an education/trade show in Buffalo last week. One of the guest speakers, NRMCA Senior Director, Local Paving, Doug O’Neill, took a new approach to the topic of ACI 330. "I titled the discussion Clients Benefit from Concrete Parking Lot Alternate in an attempt to highlight the importance from a designer’s standpoint in offering a legitimate concrete alternate so that his or her clients can benefit from increased competition on a project. Not to mention getting a much more affordable and properly designed pavement," O’Neill said.

The seminar points out the many benefits for a design team to use ACI 330 and why having a legitimate concrete option benefits its clients. The day itself also offered attendees a chance to visit with vendors, United Materials sales staff and earn valuable educational credits as well, O'Neill added.

For more information or ideas on how you could host an educational event in your market, contact Doug O’Neill at doneill@nrmca.org.

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