Concrete Pavement E-NEWS Now Available Online

The Concrete Pavement Road Map E-News is the newsletter of the Long-Term Plan for Concrete Pavement Research and Technology (CP Road Map), a national research plan developed and jointly implemented by the concrete pavement stakeholder community.

Moving Advancements into Practice (MAP) Brief
• The January 2015 MAP Brief, "Producing Freeze-Thaw Durable Concrete", describes the importance of developing a good air-void system in concrete mixes.

News from the Road
• A recent study by the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center investigated and recommended testing standards for permeability-reducing admixtures.
• In a recent project, the Washington State DOT evaluated the environmental impact of evolving pavement material practices.
• Recent research in Virginia recommended concrete overlays as an effective alternative to HMA overlays for pavements constructed by the Virginia DOT.
• A recent paper in the ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities investigated the long-term performance of concrete pavements with diamond grinding.

Updates from the States: Iowa
• Ongoing and completed research in Iowa is addressing research needs outlined by the CP Road Map.

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