Large Overlay Paving Project Begins at Denver Country Club

What is believed to be the largest concrete overlay of an asphalt parking lot in the nation began paving in mid-October in Denver, reports NRMCA Vice President, National Resources, Jon Hansen. Initial meetings with Pinehurst County Club management began in July 2014, arranged by Pinehurst member Peter Deem, formally with Holcim Cement and recipient of the 2012 NRMCA Lifetime Achievement Award for Promotion. After visiting the site with Deem, NRMCA prepared a comprehensive overview of the current condition of the existing asphalt parking lot and service roads, suggested concrete solutions to the many problem areas of the project, and then prepared a Design Assistance Program (DAP) for the site.

In early August, working with contractor contacts provided by Dave Gray with NRMCA member GCC in Denver, an experienced overlay contractor was brought in to provide budget estimates and additional construction input to the project. In September, NRMCA provided estimated life cycle cost information for Pinehurst officials to review, the analysis being based on budget estimates provided by SLV Quality Concrete and historical asphalt cost data provided by the owner. SLV Quality Concrete, an American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) member, finalized negotiations in early October and began work on the project the following week in order to capitalize on good fall weather. It is incorporating the use of a Somero 3D laser guided screed in the placement of the concrete. The fiber enriched concrete is being supplied by NRMCA member Martian Marietta Materials in metro Denver.

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