NRMCA Associate Member Conducts Parking Lot Boot Camp at Annual Meeting

NRMCA Associate member Somero Enterprises recently held a Selling Parking Lots Boot Camp ‘Lite’ version at its annual corporate meeting in Ft. Myers, FL, reports NRMCA Vice President, National Resources, Jon Hansen. "Somero is the nation’s largest manufacturer of laser guided screeds," he said. "Laser guided screeds have become the equipment of choice for constructing large parking lot projects, both new and overlays. Our goal in presenting an abbreviated version of our popular Selling Parking Lots Boot Camp to its entire company was to make it part of NRMCA’s national effort for more parking lot projects. Once Somero understood the market potential and the support NRMCA provides for parking lot projects, each person at Somero took the information to his or her current and potential contractor customers and to use in order to expand parking lot business. This partnership with Somero basically doubled the number of people the concrete industry has in promoting and talking to contractors across the nation."

"Even though Somero could only give Amy Miller and myself four hours of its annual meeting to conduct what is normally a 10-hour program, the response we got back was overwhelming supportive," continued Hansen. "We have already aligned some of its field staff with our National Resource Director team and state promotion partners so they can work together for more parking lot projects." 

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