NRMCA Holds Successful Regional Technical Short Course

NRMCA recently completed its Regional Technical Short Course at the offices of the Florida Concrete & Products Association (FCPA) in Orlando. The course was attended by 39 industry personnel. The following is the summary of the results of the certification exams:
• NRMCA Level 2 – 24 awarded
• NRMCA Level 3 – 13 awarded
• NRMCA Field Testing Technician Grade II – 25 passed the exam, 19 were awarded certification (NRMCA Field Grade II requires a current ACI Field Grade I certification.)

NRMCA commends the attendees at the course for their effort and diligence in participating and commend those who obtained certifications. NRMCA thanks FCPA for its co-sponsorship of the course and significant support.

The next Technical Short Course is tentatively scheduled for November in Silver Spring, MD. The NRMCA Concrete Durability Course (Concrete Technologist Level 4) is being scheduled early in June, also in Silver Spring. Details are being finalized and registration information will be available soon. For more information contact Karen Bean at

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