Largest Continuous Underwater Concrete Pour Takes Place in Scotland

From LA to somewhere under Scotland, where a wee bit of concrete is being poured for the Forth Replacement Crossing South Tower in Scotland, believed to be the largest continuous underwater concrete pour in the world. The record-breaking pour, also believed to be the third largest concrete pour of any type, took more than 15 days to complete. A total 16,869 m3 of concrete was poured in 364 hours. The concrete was transported to the South Tower caisson by four barges dispatched from a nearby batching plant. The barges made 273 individual journeys to and from the site, negotiating a busy waterway (the Firth of Forth) and covering a total distance of 1,800 km – the approximate distance from John o'Groats to Land's End (and you thought it was just a clothing catalog).

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National Ready Mixed Concrete Association