NRMCA Releases New and Revised CIP and TIP Topics

Working with the NRMCA Research Engineering and Standards (RES) Committee, NRMCA has released a new topic in the Concrete in Practice (CIP) series:
• CIP 43 – Alkali Aggregate Reactions (AAR) discusses the causes for deleterious expansions due to alkali silica and alkali carbonate reactions in concrete, test methods and methods of mitigating the problem – in the What? Why? And How? Format.

The following CIP topics have been revised to include more current information:
• CIP 1 – Dusting Concrete Surfaces
• CIP 2 – Scaling Concrete Surfaces
• CIP 4 – Cracking Concrete Surfaces
• CIP 5 – Plastic Shrinkage Cracking
• CIP 6 – Joints in Concrete Slabs on Grade
• CIP 26 – Jobsite Addition of Water
• CIP 27 – Cold Weather Concreting

Two new topics are also released in the Technology in Practice (TIP) series. The TIP series is intended for education of ready mixed concrete industry personnel while CIPs are typically directed toward users and customers of ready mixed concrete. The two new topics in the TIP series are:
• TIP 11 – Testing Concrete Cores
• TIP 12 – Slump Loss of Concrete

The CIP series can be ordered here and the TIP series here. For more information, contact Colin Lobo at

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association