Industry Comments Needed to Help Obtain Hours of Service Exemption

Last week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published in the Federal Register NRMCA’s application for an industry-wide exemption from the new Hours of Service 30-minute break provision (FR notice can be viewed here). FMCSA’s Federal Register notice requests comments on the exemption application by Thursday, September 19: It is very important to not only relay to FMCSA the burden the 30-minute break has on the industry, but also to show overwhelming and broad industry support for the exemption. To these points, NRMCA is urging individuals and companies to please submit comments to the Federal Register docket on the exemption application. While original and unique submissions are preferred, NRMCA has drafted template comments for your use (please click here to download).

Once your comments are finalized, they can be submitted electronically, by fax, mail or by hand (each detailed in the Federal Register notice). NRMCA suggests using the electronic delivery method to ensure that all comments are received by FMCSA, at the latest, close-of-business on September 19.

DIRECTIONS FOR ELECTRONIC SUBMITTAL: Please visit In the field titled Search, enter FMCSA-2013-0317 and then click Search. Next to the listing titled Hours of Service of Drivers; Exemption Applications: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, click the button titled Comment Now! Then just follow the 3-step process to upload and finalize your comment submittal.

For more information, contact Kevin WalgenbachGary Mullings or Kerri Leininger.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association