Walmart Pilot Project Goes Concrete in Florida

Recently, Walmart announced that the fifth project in its pilot project series, located in Pompano Beach, FL,  will have a concrete parking lot, reports NRMCA Senior National Resource Director Amy Miller. The pilot project series is a collaborative effort between NRMCA and Walmart designed to evaluate the benefit of having concrete bid as primary in the parking lots of selected projects. Commenting on the Pompano project, a Walmart official stated, "The project was rebid as there were some corrections warranted in the original bid numbers, but those were revised to present apples to apples and concrete was still favorable."

"This project is a testament to the competitive nature of concrete on the front-end when cross-sections of competing projects are equivalent," Miller said. "Most owners, like Walmart, recognize the benefit of reduced long-term maintenance costs by incorporating concrete, but in the face of the current economy put more value on reducing up-front costs to keep cash assets close at hand."

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