PCA Ad Campaign Highlights Asphalt Escalator Clauses

The latest ad in the Portland Cement Association's (PCA) paving campaign calls for an end to the outdated practice of subsidizing the asphalt industry with asphalt escalators clauses - the price adjustments or indexes that protect asphalt from volatile oil prices. The new ad is a continuation of the ongoing campaign ("Perpetual" and "Broke") with one-word headline, attention-getting layouts, and an aggressive presentation of the campaign themes of durability and economy.

Beginning this month and in September, the ad will run in construction trade magazines and Web sites serving the pavement and public works construction sector: APWA Reporter, Better Roads, Civil Engineering, Engineering News-Record, Public Works and Roads & Bridges. A graphic makes the visual connection between oil and asphalt while the text makes the case for an end to the asphalt escalators: "Call it what you will - price adjustments, indexing, or escalators. We call it an outdated bidding policy that subsidizes oil-based asphalt. Asphalt’s slick deals cost DOTs and taxpayers millions when oil prices rise, even when more durable materials like concrete promise affordability and stable pricing. Learn more about asphalt’s raw deals at www.think-harder.org/CRUDE. A page on the Think Harder Web site was set up to support the campaign with more information and links to PCA’s February report on asphalt escalators.

Source: The August 20 edition of PCA's Executive Report e-newsletter.

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