NRMCA to Target Auto Dealerships with New Promotion Materials

In an effort to provide promotional support to its members, NRMCA is continually developing new collateral material focusing on specific benefits of concrete. One example is the recently released "Shedding Light on Concrete’s Reflectivity," a two-page handout that explains concrete’s role in reducing lighting requirements for parking lots. Following the format of that publication and building on recent promotion successes, NRMCA is now developing materials targeting auto dealerships.

"Car dealerships have always been a great potential market for concrete parking lots," said NRMCA Senior National Resource Director Phil Kresge. "And with such a strong focus on sustainability, concrete pavements in these applications make more sense than ever. Concrete’s reflectivity not only allows significant savings in lighting, but also plays an important role in heat island mitigation. When you have acres of pavement on site, reducing the ambient air temperature is not only good for the environment, it’s also a welcome relief to your customers. And the added benefit of pervious concrete for stormwater management completes the picture."

NRMCA is looking for your help to move this project forward. "We are looking for quality photographs of concrete pavement at auto dealers from all regions of the country," Kresge explained." Whether it’s new or 20 years old, the message is the same: concrete pavement delivers." A database of projects will be also developed, to be hosted on NRMCA’s Web site for specifiers.

If you have photos, project success stories or personal contacts with auto dealers from your region that you would be willing to share, please contact Phil Kresge at

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association