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ASTM Publishes New Pervious Concrete Test Method

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ASTM has just published a new pervious concrete test method, ASTM C1754-12 Density and Void Content of Hardened Pervious Concrete. This makes a total of four pervious concrete methods. The other three are:

1. ASTM C1747-11 Determining Potential Resistance to Degradation of Pervious Concrete by Impact and Abrasion
2. ASTM C1688-12 Density and Void Content of Freshly Mixed Pervious Concrete (note the 2012 revision)
3. ASTM C1701-09 Infiltration Rate of In Place Pervious Concrete

The compressive strength task group has completed five sets of round robin and there is a good chance for a compressive strength test method next year. NRMCA Vice President Karthik Obla is the chairman of the ASTM C09.49 pervious concrete test method.

For more information, contact Karthik Obla at


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