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Pervious Concrete Construction Checklists Now Available as Stand-alone Publication

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As promoters across the country spread the word about pervious concrete, one key element of their message has been the importance of quality control. "We explain that quality control cannot be an afterthought," says NRMCA Senior National Resource Director Phil Kresge. "It may sound cliché, but good quality control starts at the very beginning of every job. This is why we encourage specifiers to include a pre-construction meeting in their pervious concrete specifications."

To support the QC initiative, NRMCA’s Pervious Concrete Technical Committee developed a series of Pervious Concrete Construction Checklists for contractors and ready mix suppliers. These checklists have been included in the appendices of the Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification training manual. However, NRMCA is pleased to announce that the Pervious Concrete Construction Checklists are now available as a stand-alone publication.

"This is a significant step toward QC implementation," says Kresge. "Until now, the only way to obtain these checklists was to purchase the certification textbook. And though we would stress the importance to our clients, the number of them who would actually follow through was minimal. Having a stand-alone version makes it easier and more cost-effective for promoters to provide specifiers with the documents they need to ensure a successful pervious concrete project."

The price for the Pervious Concrete Construction Checklists is $19.00 each for NRMCA members ($25.00 each for non-members). Contact NRMCA Customer Service Manager Jacques Jenkins at to place your order, or for more information, contact Phil Kresge at


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