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MIT CSHub to Host Webinar on Carbon Uptake in U.S. Pavement Network

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On Thursday, April 22, at 11 a.m. Eastern time, the Concrete Sustainability Hub will host a free public webinar, CO2 Inhalation of Concrete Structures: The Case of Carbon Uptake in the U.S. Pavement Network. The webinar will be presented by CSHub postdoc Hessam AzariJafari. Though participation is free, registration is required. In this webinar, the CO2 inhalation of concrete, so-called carbonation or carbon uptake, will be discussed. The concrete carbon uptake depends mostly on three factors, including mix design constituents, concrete structure temperature and environmental conditions.

For the concrete used in the U.S. pavements (including concrete and composite segments), these factors can be quite different from one region to another. Each road segment undergoes several maintenance and repair actions, and the exposure conditions of the pavements are quite different. Therefore, a network-level model was jointly used with a carbon uptake model to estimate the total amount of carbon uptake during the end of life and use phase of pavements over the next 30 years. The developed carbon uptake model can be used for roughly estimating the CO2 absorbed by any concrete elements and the results of this can provide insights toward the inclusion of carbon uptake in the calculation of the environmental impact of concrete structures.

Registration is required. For more information, contact Andrew Logan at


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