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FEMA Study Projects Implementing I-Codes Could Save Billions

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As the frequency and severity of natural hazards continue to increase each year, NRMCA has regularly affirmed the benefits of building to the latest building codes as well as code-plus standards. This week, FEMA released a study, Building Codes Save: A National Study, that looked at the quantified benefits - avoided losses to buildings and building contents - from adopting modern building codes and standards.

The building code sets standards that guide design and construction of structures for minimum life safety, the first step toward resilience. Sadly, special interest groups have convinced some state legislatures to reduce the stringency or limit the adoption of the latest building code; 65 percent of counties, cities and towns across the U.S. have not adopted modern building codes. The study supported the recent finding by the National Institute of Building Sciences that adopting modern codes provides $11 in mitigation savings for every $1 invested. However, maintaining the functionality of structures after a disaster is also important and building codes do not address functionality effectively.

The NRMCA-driven Build With Strength coalition promotes resilient concrete building systems through building code adoption and advocacy and can help leverage codes and standards to help place more concrete. To learn more about these programs, or for more information on how local policies can help you, contact Tien Peng at or 206-913-8535.


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