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Workforce Development Committee Seeks Volunteers for Three Task Groups

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To continue its fine work, the Workforce Development Committee seeks volunteers for its three task groups. They typically meet for an hour every couple of weeks. Which one is for you?

Partnerships focuses on developing external collaborators and business partnerships that support recruitment and retention. It will look at various avenues, including trade association and groups to support diversity hiring efforts, CDL and heavy equipment training, and tapping into recruiting military, veterans and prisoners in transition as front-line labor. Additionally, Partnerships supports NRMCA’s Government Affairs legislative and executive work as well as SEO’s regulatory work as it relates to workforce issues. Within their committee silos, they focus on industry-specific requirements as well as cross-industry, pro-business coalitions. This is a new opportunity to expand outreach to typically HR-related federal challenges.

Practices focuses on proven best HR practices and methods, including execution of day-to-day activities as they fit into the RMC industry. Critical goals include watching for HR trends as well as mitigating risk and expense. They are also a terrific best HR practices resource and network opportunity for HR professionals new to the industry. Right now, Practices is focusing on separation policies and practices.

Strategies provides the framework for key initiatives that work in our businesses. While the big umbrella encompasses recruitment and retention, at a more granular level it plays an advisory role toward NRMCA leadership development and training programs, and the annual mixer driver survey. Right now it's looking at tools for frontline supervisors that support increased employee engagement and retention at the plant/operations level.

What’s in it for you? Typically, members gain a competitive advantage as informed members within our industry. You hear about important industry trends, new legislative rulings and advances in technology. Additionally, your dedication can produce networking opportunities, professional development and personal satisfaction.

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