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NRMCA Seeks Help in Creating National ICF Commercial Installers Database

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In March, NRMCA Senior Director, Building Innovations (Mid-Atlantic Region) Frank Gordon, received a request from a large, international architecture/engineering firm to provide contact information for Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) installers with hotel/hospitality experience. It also requested the installers be able to either work or be based in either the Midwest or Southeast. The request was being driven by the firm's clients who were considering building ICF hospitality projects in those regions. The next step was soliciting the help of major manufacturers in the ICF industry, Gordon said. Several major ICF manufacturers (that are members of NRMCA’s industry partner, the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association), were contacted and asked to provide installer contact information that met the request.

"Many manufacturers have installers that have been successful and 'product-loyal' in their markets," Gordon noted. "The challenge has always been to identify these companies since many manufacturers consider these installers to be 'brand-partners.' This has been an understandable growing pain of this industry, but it was clearly communicated to the manufacturers that industrywide knowledge of these installers (being provided to potential clientele) helps our industry grow and allows them to expand their market influence."

The overall goal is to provide NRMCA members and their client base with credible data on potential installers. The process will be organic in nature and will require the continued cooperation of the ICF manufacturers, ICF installers and their specific alliances/associations. NRMCA looks forward to strengthening those relationships as we grow this information into a value-added tool our members can leverage toward a more competitive force for concrete.

If you are an ICF manufacturer or installer and wish to have your information considered for inclusion, please contact your regional NRMCA Build With Strength director or contact Frank Gordon at or 865-719-2861.


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