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It’s Time for All of Us to do More on LinkedIn

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Over the past weeks, some of you have received a request from NRMCA staff to engage with Build With Strength and Pave Ahead on LinkedIn. If you don’t already follow these pages, we hope you will do so now. Many of you are already active on social media, creating and sharing excellent content with your employees, customers and others. You probably already have a personal LinkedIn profile. Your companies and your state associations likely have profiles as well.

But we must begin to more deliberately and strategically utilize those profiles to promote the concrete brand. Engagement means using these existing profiles to post and share content that will elevate your organizations and raise the visibility of our entire industry. This is free to do. It is also easy to do with only minimal effort required. For us to be successful this work must involve all of us.

Right now, LinkedIn offers us the best possible channel to reach our target business-to-business audiences and remind them that concrete remains the best material for their upcoming paving and building projects. We can emphasize that concrete is always the local material and that our companies and personnel work tirelessly to support our communities. We can utilize this platform to announce job openings. Many of you are doing all of this and more. We can and should post project pictures and videos whenever possible. Every time you do that we ask you to tag Build With Strength and Pave Ahead by adding the @ before those names. When the name highlights – you know the tag is successful. This is an easy step that will have great downstream benefits for our members and the industry as a whole.

The concrete industry needs all of us to become more engaged in this effort. Whether we are talking about strength, durability, resilience or sustainability, each of us has a role to play in amplifying that message. Use hashtags with the words above to move the needle further in our direction. The more of us that are actively promoting these messages – the more likely it is that we can improve our industry’s visibility and the awareness of all that we have to offer our customers, our communities, and those who specify our products: #BuildWithStrength #PaveAhead

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