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Labor Officials Finalize Unwinding of Contentious "Ambush" Election Rule

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Last week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) finalized a long-awaited rule to amend the erroneous Obama Administration’s 2015 rule, commonly known as the “Ambush” or “Quickie” Election Rule. The 2015 rule sought to decrease the amount of time that passed from when an organizing group filed an election petition to when a union election was held, down to as little as 13 days. The rule also limited pre-election questions of unit scope and eligibility of employees, among numerous others.

Under the amended rule, employers and organizing groups will have a more balanced and efficient process for managing representation elections. The changes smooth out the most contentious portions of the April 2015 rule, including pre-election hearing timing and scope, post-election hearings and voter lists. Speaking on the rule, board Chairman John F. Ring said, “These are common sense changes to ensure expeditious elections that are fair and efficient. The new procedures will allow workers to be informed of their rights and will simplify the representation process to the benefit of all parties.”

The rule’s changes to union election procedures will become effective in April 2020.

Click here to review the final rule. For more information, contact Kevin Walgenbach at


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