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Current Issue of National Concrete Consortium Is Now Online

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The September 2019 NCC E-News is issued by the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center and is now available online. The following are covered in more detail with links to research and other reports.

• The September 2019 MAP Brief, “Overview of the Guide for Concrete Pavement Distress Assessments and Solutions,” summarizes concrete pavement distress, why the guide was developed, organization and scope of the guide, who the guide was developed for and how to use the guide.

• A report from the National Research Foundation of Korea examined the feasibility of applying a shrinkage reducing agent to latex-modified concrete to reduce shrinkage cracking.

• A project led by the FHWA in partnership with the French Roads and Bridges Research Agency developed a material-scale direct-tension test for UHPC that can be completed on cast or extracted specimens.

• Research sponsored by the Iowa DOT developed a specification detailing the proper materials, equipment and procedures for bridge deck epoxy injection.

• A project sponsored by the FHWA aimed to identify and quantify the effects of environmental factors and pavement design on pavement performance in the absence of heavy loads.

• Research sponsored by the Colorado DOT developed a UHPC mixture using locally available materials, with a cost analysis showing that the prototype UHPC is up to 74% less expensive than commercial products.

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