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NRMCA Announces Winners of Promotion Awards

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NRMCA has announced the winners of each of its awards under the Promotion heading. They are as follows:

The John Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award for Promotion is being awarded to Larry Gibbes. Over an illustrious 40+ year career which began as a mixer truck driver, Larry’s outstanding, individual efforts in promoting concrete resulted in more than 50,000 yards of concrete placement. Throughout his career, Larry was supportive of the NRMCA, the Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) and many other industry organizations. His focus and determination helped to provide the necessary information for owners, designers and developers to make an informed decision on paving and building material.

NRMCA’s Promoter of the Year Award - Buildings is awarded to Drew Turner, director of business development for Concrete Supply Company. Drew has aggressively engaged with a wide variety of project stakeholders across the Carolinas in an effort to promote the use of concrete in buildings and paving. He identified multiple targets for promotion activities and worked with NRMCA to engage those targets to more fully consider concrete in their upcoming projects. Drew was able to identify projects in Charlotte that were already being built with concrete and sought ways to convince architects and others to review additional options for its use.

NRMCA’s Promoter of the Year Award - Pavements is being presented to Andrew Lester, product development and promotion manager for MMC Materials, Inc. Andrew has utilized the NRMCA’s Design Assistance Program with great success. In the last three years, he has submitted 36 separate projects for DAP review and has a nearly 50% success rate in conversions. It is important to note that Mississippi is a predominately asphalt state with no cement production in the state and only one true concrete paver who focuses on airport paving projects across the Southeast. The Mississippi DOT heavily favors asphalt paving over concrete paving.

NRMCA’s State Affiliate Promoter of the Year Award is being presented to Craig Dauphinais, executive director of the Massachusetts Concrete and Aggregate Producers’ Association (MaCAPA). Craig has worked tirelessly with NRMCA, the ACPA and other state affiliates to develop life-cycle cost legislation that will ultimately lead to the use of concrete. He routinely meets with and presents to MassDOT, the Bay State Roads program, the University Training Center, over 50 towns and cities, as well at the state legislature level. In November 2017, Craig was able to arrange for the concrete industry to testify before a panel of legislators in support of Bill MA S1966, an act relative to life-cycle costs for long-term pavement solutions. Craig was able to coordinate testimony that included representatives from the ACPA, the Michigan Concrete Association, MIT, the Teamsters Union and NRMCA.

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