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Trump Names Infrastructure as a Priority in Inaugural Address

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In his inaugural address last week, freshly sworn-in President Donald Trump decried the disrepair and decay of American infrastructure, and promised to turn attention once again to rebuilding the "roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation." President Trump’s emphasis on infrastructure follows on a frequent campaign theme of rebuilding America. During the campaign, President Trump’s "Contract with the American Voter" pledged a 10-year, $1 trillion investment in U.S. infrastructure. While a detailed plan has yet to be laid out, President Trump has said that the plan will leverage public-private partnerships and private investment through tax incentives. The President has also suggested redirecting funds for United Nations climate change programs to spend on infrastructure at home.
Meanwhile, Senate Democrats have proposed their own $1 trillion infrastructure plan, and the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure is focused on finding funding options for a separate infrastructure package. While the various plans are likely to have significant differences, particularly in respect to financing, momentum continues to grow for a significant surge in infrastructure investment in 2017.

NRMCA has consistently engaged in advocating for significant investments in our nation’s infrastructure. During the 2016 presidential election, NRMCA engaged with both presidential candidates in support of an infrastructure plan that includes shoring up Highway Trust Fund solvency. With the beginning of the new administration, NRMCA is continuing to work with a broad coalition focused on securing long-term investments in transportation and infrastructure.
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