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Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing for EPA Administrator Nominee

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Last week, nominees for six cabinet level posts went to the Hill for confirmation hearings. Of particular interest to NRMCA was the hearing for Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, President Donald Trump’s nominee for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator. As Oklahoma’s Attorney General, Mr. Pruitt led the fight of state’s rights to oppose many of the Obama-era regulations burdening small businesses like many in the ready mixed concrete industry. During confirmation hearings, Mr. Pruitt reiterated his strong belief that executive agencies and departments must be held in check by the rule of law. Consequently, when Mr. Pruitt testified, he opposed regulations that exceeded the scope of the authority granted them by Congress. In addition, Mr. Pruitt leaned on his experience in state government to advocate for states to lead on actions with the EPA facilitating state-directed plans.

NRMCA strongly supports the confirmation of Mr. Pruitt for EPA Administrator because he brings years of experience and knowledge needed to restore common-sense practices to protecting public health and the environment. A Senate confirmation vote has not been scheduled, but NRMCA, as well as members of the Highway Materials Group and North American Concrete Alliance, advocated on his behalf to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, as well as sent letters of support to Senate leadership.  

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