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NAPROCO LLC dba Garden Girls Repellents
Crawlspace Depot
Crawlspace Depot
Vapor barriers for crawlspaces
Crawlspace Depot offers reinforced poly liners in different lengths and thicknesses that provide essential and effective vapor barriers against moisture wicking up from the ground. Our translucent wall liners wrap easily around walls and piers. Also check our fasteners and adhesives as well as economy and non-reinforced liners.
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Check out the new BugBytes podcast Welcome to the Future: How Genetic Research is Reshaping Pest Control. Discover how scientists are using breakthroughs in genetic research to control some of the most challenging urban pests in this episode with guest Ed Vargo, Professor and Endowed Chair in Urban and Structural Entomology at Texas A&M University.

The podcast is available at or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast! 

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Spring is right around the corner! Use the Spring issue of Pest Gazette to show your current and potential customers how your company can help them control the various types of pests that may invade their home as the warm weather starts to return.

Pest Gazette is available in a print and  digital format that is perfect for online marketing! 

Click here to start customizing your  Pest Gazette today.

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UPG Unified Purchasing Group
New Members
Member Benefit Highlight
Lytx, Inc
How to attract Millennial Drivers – Recruitment Guide
Millennials account for more than one-third of the U.S. employee population and more are entering the workforce every day, making this generation the biggest opportunity for growth in fleets.
A successful driver recruitment strategy will attract a new pool of dynamic employees who are wholeheartedly engaged in the company. Here are five ideas on how to recruit millennial drivers:
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NPMA Education and Events

Join us for the 2020 Industry Safety Summit at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld on June 25-26, 2020 in beautiful and sunny Orlando, Florida!

This workshop-style meeting will bring safety experts together with companies of all sizes to talk safety in the pest management industry. Topics covered will include safe driving, pesticide safety, and tips on implementing a safety program in your business.


Stay tuned for program information coming soon!

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Members Make Headlines
Pi Chi Omega now offers 5 scholarships to students in the field of urban and industrial pest management – or some closely related field of study. Eligible students are currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate college students interested in urban or industrial pest management.  Completed applications are due on March 15, 2020.

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Thomas Pest Services owners Bill Clark and Sarah Thomas-Clark are please to announce a month-long campaign to raise awareness and funds for National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, in honor of their five year old daughter, Riley.

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Over 50 PMPs attended from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.  The class was taught by George Williams, ACE from Univar and the topic was “Being a Pest Management Professional”. 

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Weekly Headlines

Facility Executive

Miami, Los Angeles, Tampa, and New York are frontrunners for the second consecutive year, and Atlanta joins the top five.

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The Guardian

Changes in rodents’ DNA means they are now prone to similar health threats to humans, scientists discover.

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The long-legged insects seen buzzing around southern Arizona, often called mosquito-eaters or mosquito hawks, are actually called crane flies.

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According to veterinarians, the mild winter we've had means the flea and tick population is thriving.

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A species of caterpillar may provide answers on how to best eradicate plastic waste, a 300 million ton per year problem.

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Target Specialty Products
For your Business


Be the boss that employees want to work for – build a more people-centric workplace by doing the following.

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Fast Company

If you want to get ahead in the workplace, it helps to be seen as a “high-potential employee.” These are the folks who get plum assignments and are selected for training, mentoring, and other advancement programs, if they’re available.

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Deloitte Insights

​Effective organizational decision-making is strongly associated with better business outcomes. Learn what five key attributes organizations can put in place to help their people make better decisions faster.

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Leading Blog

You either lead for yourself or others. Why you took the role you now fill, affects the results you are getting.

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Three Star Leadership

You can aspire to leadership for all the right reasons. You can master catalogs full of specific techniques. You can have the best coaches and the best mentors. But if you don’t love the work of leadership, you won’t be a success and your life will be miserable.

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