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In just a few short months, PestWorld 2017 will be descending on Baltimore, Maryland! Keynote speakers for this year's PestWorld have been announced. You won't want to miss the inspirational stories shared by two diverse individuals.

Simply because an idea popped into the head of this "tattooed keg-tapper" musician’s head, thousands of people around the world have clean drinking water. Doc Hendley started raising money to fight the water epidemic the best way he knew how, by pouring wine and playing music. Named one of the Top 10 CNN Heroes for 2009, his foundation - Wine to Water - aims to help the over 1 billion people worldwide who lack access to clean water.
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Commander Kirk Lippold takes his experiences from the military to the boardroom as he reveals the lessons he learned while leading the crew aboard the USS Cole following a devastating terrorist attack. As he shares his leadership philosophy, Lippold outlines the importance of understanding the human factors during a crisis and how those factors are used to teach one’s own "crew" or team how to prepare for what’s ahead
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Cooper Pest Control
Nisus Corp
Just in time for the 2018 open enrollment period, NPMA will launch our new Health Care Exchange! The goal for this program is to provide NPMA members with cost effective benefit solutions that make sense in today’s unpredictable marketplace. We are focused on providing small and mid-sized employers with benefit options previously only made available to larger employers.  
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Nisus Corp
Fireback's dual "spray & straw" applicator
Fireback’s new double-strike applicator targets both visible and hidden pests. The permanently attached hinged flip-up straw reaches listed pests hiding in cracks and crevices. Flip it down to expose the opening for a normal spray. Fireback kills on contact and provides a 3-month residual. Use it for 29 listed pests.
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The brothers are almost there!!! They will complete their journey and arrive in New York City in just 2 short days on Thursday, July 13. They will be interviewed on Good Morning America on Friday morning, so tune in to watch. They have crossed over 12 states in 50 days and shared the message of A Child's Hope and The Moss Pieratt Foundation with countless people. With every pedal, they are more focused on raising funds and awareness for these two foundations.

NPMA Members - if you support your community, NPMA would like to share your story as part of our NPMA Gives program! Reach out directly to Alexis Wirtz for more information.
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Pest Pic of the Week

Cuban Cockroach

As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of
pest images at for use by NPMA members.

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UPG Unified Purchasing Group
Burrtec Company Limitd.
New Members
Prime Pest Management, Los Angeles, CA 
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Allergy Technologies LLC
Get Started with Bed Bug Prevention!
Pest Management Professionals are discovering they can be both more efficient and effective with their bed bug work by incorporating ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners into their control and preventive strategies. PMPs are no longer passively encasing bed bugs, hoping they don’t escape; ActiveGuard® kills them 24/7 for two years.
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SCORE Corner

Do you know what your business’s core value proposition is? If you don’t, you are not alone. Many small business owners can’t identify their company’s core value proposition—and that’s a serious problem.

Simply put, a core value proposition is the value that customers get from doing business with you.

Download this eguide for a step-by-step guide to identifying your business’s core value proposition.
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Members Make Headlines
Anticimex announced its continued expansion in the US with the acquisition of Modern Pest Services, a family owned pest control company founded in 1945 based in Brunswick, Maine.  The transaction follows on Anticimex acquisition of Viking Pest Control announced on July 5th and forms part of Anticimex’s strategy to expand in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic region via organic growth and by partnering with strong regional and local players.
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AP&G Co., Inc.  announces the addition of Dr. Stanton Cope Jr. as the company’s first Vice President of Products and Technical Services. The role was created to gear up for AP&G’s rollout of new mosquito management products. AP&G is a global manufacturer of integrated pest management tools for the professional pest management industry.
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He built a villa for termites, delighted school children with giant cockroaches, did "time" at San Quentin State Prison, traveled the world looking at insects and, in 2016, Vernard Lewis was inducted into the Pest Management Professionals' Hall of Fame. On July 1, UC Berkeley's first African American entomologist retired from a 35-year career as an urban entomologist, the last 26 years as a UC Cooperative Extension specialist.
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Brother Mobile Solutions
Garden Girls Repellents LLC
Weekly Headlines
Diamondback moths may be a mere half-inch in length, but their voracious appetite for Brussels sprouts, kale and cauliflower make them a major pain for farmers. This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved a potential solution: moths genetically engineered to contain a special gene that makes them gradually die off.
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City says he was ‘likely’ exposed at the Jamaica Plain restaurant where he works.
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The new class of repellents, called "excito-repellents," is similar to "getting on an elevator with someone who’s put on way too much perfume."
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The danger of the Zika virus lies in its ability to cross the body’s most protective barrier and cause severe birth defects in babies.
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The canines can detect an infestation with 98 percent accuracy — and 110 percent cuteness.
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For your Business
Strong team leadership isn’t enough. New research shows the importance—for business impact and career success—of also mobilizing your boss and colleagues.
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You’ve got problems, I’ve got advice. This advice isn’t sugar-coated—in fact, it’s sugar-free, and may even be a little bitter. Welcome to Tough Love. This week we have a guy who can’t get his annoying coworker to stop talking to him about politics during his lunch break.
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Michael Hyatt
There were 6 things that we needed to do well when pushing any new initiatives if we wanted to make real progress as a company. These 6 strategies are still applicable today for any leader pushing through a major organizational change.
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According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, a leading thinker in the field, mindfulness is about "Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally." It is about being more in the present and thereby being able to do everything with more discipline and focus.
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Motivation is what energizes, maintains, and controls your behavior against internal and external forces. The type of motivation in different situations can help you excel. The type of motivation can prevent you from being at your best. The type of motivation can even effect productivity.
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Liphatech, Inc.
Stock up on FirstStrike®! It is offered in four distinct packages. Get a $20 rebate when you purchase two, plus $10 more on each additional FirstStrike package purchased from a Distributor between Sept. 15 and Nov. 15, 2017. With no limit on the number of rebates you can receive, your wallet will thank you – but rodents won’t.
Visit or call Liphatech at 888-331-7900.
Trending Articles
Chip Bergh, chief executive of Levi Strauss & Co., shares some great insights on his leadership style. But one trait really stands out.
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Texas Public Radio
Bed bugs can be especially overwhelming for low-income families. The pests are drawn to apartment complexes with lots of people packed into small spaces, and they cause pain, anxiety and financial stress.
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CBS News
Ever feel that rats actually run the city you live in and humans just live under their domain? A new study suggests that's not far from the truth. Rats are among nature's most perfectly adapted organisms, closely shadowing humans and routinely getting away with it without detection.
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Calendar of Events

Date Event Location

July 19-21 Academy 2017 Scottsdale, AZ

July 27-29 2017 Carolinas/Mid-Atlantic Summer Conference Myrtle Beach, SC
October 24-27 PestWorld 2017 Baltimore, MD
November 28-30 NPMA Technology Conference Salt Lake City, UT

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