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Last week, 20 industry leaders met to discuss current and future trends, their impact on the pest management industry, and how NPMA can proactively respond to the industry’s emerging needs. 

"Strategic planning and goal setting is important for any organization," said NPMA CEO Dominique Stumpf, CAE. "The coming years present many potential changes and challenges and efforts such of those of the P3 Steering Committee last week help articulate priorities and focus key efforts." 

During this two-day meeting, sponsored by BASF and Forshaw, participants advanced the discussion that began in May 2016 during the P3 Strategic Planning Summit by focusing on trends in such areas as technology, science, consumer outreach, public health, environment and legislation.  

"Through regular review and analysis by our steering committee, we are assured that we remain in a proactive position to support our industry," said Stumpf. 

The P3 Steering Committee is chaired by Scott Steckel of Varment Guard Environmental Services in Columbus, Ohio and comprised of 20 industry leaders from across the country who represent all segments of the industry. 

To learn more about NPMA’s strategic goals, visit
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On Friday, NPMA members and staff met with Special Assistant to the President for Agriculture, Trade and Food Assistance, Ray Starling. The meeting was an opportunity to advocate for NPMA public policy priorities within the Trump administration. Priorities included: regulatory reform at EPA returning to decisions based on sound science and promoting structural use patterns that protect public health, modernizing the Endangered Species Act and eliminating burdensome and unnecessary National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. Mr. Starling was very receptive and aware of our concerns and agreed to work with NPMA, EPA and inside the Trump administration to further our objectives.
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Cooper Pest Control
Nisus Corp
Through the efforts of the Professional Pest Management Alliance, PPMA, the public outreach arm of NPMA, the industry has received the prestigious national Bronze Anvil Award, a national award facilitated by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The organization describes the award as honoring the "'best of the best' in public relations tactics. We are extremely honored and thrilled to share that NPMA’s PSA, "Pests Without Borders," which highlights the important role professional pest control plays in maintaining the better quality of life experienced here in the U.S., was recognized with a Bronze Anvil Award, making it one of the best public relations tactics of the year. 
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The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), NPMA’s public outreach arm, hosted a Facebook Live Chat on Friday with NPMA Chief Entomologist Dr. Jim Fredericks. He addressed the heavy tick season and shared how the public can take precautions when outdoors this spring. If you were not able to join us during the live event, you can watch the recording here. Please feel free to share on your own Facebook pages, too.
PPMA also secured two segments featuring Jim Fredericks on The Weather Channel this past weekend to speak to consumers about proper methods for tick prevention and control, including contacting a licensed pest control professional like you. You can watch the "AMHQ Weekend" segment here and a second appearance on "Weekend Recharge" here.
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Don’t miss the next presentation of NPMA’s technical webinar series - Tick Management Update: A Report on Tick Research, Resistance and Control. This webinar will be presented live on Wednesday, May 31 at 2:00pm EST.

Due to an unseasonably warm winter, tick populations are predicted to be much higher this summer than previous years. This has generated wide-spread concern because ticks can spread multiple diseases including Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. In this highly informative seminar, Dr. Amanda Eiden provides a comprehensive update on tick resistance, biology and control strategies to help you better manage this challenging pest.
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PPMA is working to raise awareness and execute various media relations and social media initiatives to educate consumers about the invaluable work pest professionals do around the clock to protect them and their investments. On June 5-11, PPMA will sponsor Bed Bug Awareness Week. Join in on the celebration by devoting your social media pages to this event. Here are some suggestions for promoting Bed Bug Awareness Week: 
•  Post only bed bug information on your Twitter page Seek out those who have mentioned bed bugs in their Tweets and engage them in conversation 
•  Use the hashtag #BedBugWeek in all posts and interactions
•  Convert your Facebook page to a bed bug hub for the week. Post bed bug related posts, news, photos, videos and focus your fan engagement on sharing bed bug information/stories
•  Create a milestone/favorite post on the page
•  Create a bed bug board on Pinterest offering travel advice and telltale signs of an infestation
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Nisus Corp
Fireback's dual "spray & straw" applicator
Fireback’s new double-strike applicator targets both visible and hidden pests. The permanently attached hinged flip-up straw reaches listed pests hiding in cracks and crevices. Flip it down to expose the opening for a normal spray. Fireback kills on contact and provides a 3-month residual. Use it for 29 listed pests.
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Join us at Academy, the annual summer conference hosted by NPMA, will be held July 19-21 at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, AZ. The Academy is a unique opportunity designed to advance the professional and business development of the industry's leaders and emerging leaders in a hands-on, interactive environment. Attendees also have an opportunity to attend the ACE Exam Prep Class.

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Book your hotel for PestWorld 2017, October 24-27 in Baltimore, MD.


NPMA has secured hotel room blocks at the following hotels surrounding the Convention Center: Hilton Baltimore Convention Center, Sheraton Baltimore, and Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards.

Make your reservation today.
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NPMA offers an inexpensive marketing vehicle for you to market your company and your services. Pest Gazette is a quarterly promotional newsletter that can be personalized to include your company information, highlight seasonal pests and help educate your customers about what they can do the help you manage pest problems. Learn more here.
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Pest Pic of the Week

Florida carpenter ant worker
As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of
pest images at for use by NPMA members.
View the image use policy.
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UPG Unified Purchasing Group
New Members
Budget Pest Control, Inc.
Chambers Pest Control
Ideal Pest Control
Nisus Lawn & Pest Control
Pest Control Tech
Precise Exterminating Services
Roadrunner Pest Management
Silver Eagle Termite, Inc.
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Allergy Technologies LLC
Get Started with Bed Bug Prevention!
Pest Management Professionals are discovering they can be both more efficient and effective with their bed bug work by incorporating ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners into their control and preventive strategies. PMPs are no longer passively encasing bed bugs, hoping they don’t escape; ActiveGuard® kills them 24/7 for two years.
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SCORE Corner
Almost 50% of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack. More than 70% of attacks target small businesses. Learn how to protect your small business in this eguide.
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This e-guide will walk you through the technicalities of legally sound terminations – including proper documentation – so you can fire a worker with confidence and clarity. 
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A recent study indicates 91% of consumers read online reviews about local businesses before they make a purchase or visit a store. This webinar shows the best practices for getting and using reviews to market your business.
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Business owners often feel they must choose between personal life and business. This webinar explains how to grow your company by reducing its reliance on you.
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Members Make Headlines
If anyone would like to join in Rolling Thunder - a motorcycle ride and caravan to Washington, DC on May 28 to honor those soldiers who are missing in action or are prisoners of war - a group of NPMA members will be departing Philadelphia on 5/28/17 at 7:00 a.m. This is the 30th anniversary of the run and many riders join enroute from Philly to DC. For more information, visit
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On May 12, at the NYPMA Installation Dinner, Gil Bloom, ACE, president of Standard Pest Management based in Queens NY, received a Lifetime Achievement award from the New York Pest Management Association in recognition of over thirty years of dedication to elevating both professionalism and public perception of the pest management community.
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Weekly Headlines
Entomology Today
A study by University of North Dakota researchers shows that the mosquito species Aedes vexans, which is native to North America, can transmit Zika virus. They caution, however, that the finding does not necessarily mean an outbreak of Zika in northern latitudes is close at hand or even likely.
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The Zika virus stands to cost the United States billions of dollars, even if few people are infected. Researchers from several American institutions have calculated that the "virus from Hell" could result in total costs ranging from $183 million to over $1.2 billion, depending on infection rates in several at-risk states in the South.
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Entomologists call it the windshield phenomenon. "If you talk to people, they have a gut feeling. They remember how insects used to smash on your windscreen," says Wolfgang Wägele, director of the Leibniz Institute for Animal Biodiversity in Bonn, Germany. Today, drivers spend less time scraping and scrubbing.
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The Mercury News
The California Department of Public Health on Monday issued an advisory urging all Californians to eliminate standing water around their homes and businesses to help reduce mosquito populations that could lead to Zika and West Nile virus infections.
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Jacksonville Daily News
As spring moves into high gear, people will be out more working in their yards and gardens and enjoying time outdoors and it’s not unusual to find a snake in North Carolina — which is home to 37 native snake species.
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Steuben Courier
Insects, both beneficial and disruptive, have always been front-of-mind for the people growing our food. Of particular interest in today’s world are invasives: insects that are not native to a region and whose introduction (whether intentional or accidental) is likely to cause harm to our environment, our economy or human health. Or already has.
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Brother Mobile Solutions
Garden Girls Repellents LLC
For your Business
Lead Change Group
In a world in which we expect the neighborhood ice cream shop to offer up at least 31 flavors, why do we insist on "fixing" people so their point of view matches one flavor—ours?
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Chief Executive
CEOs may be growing increasingly concerned about finding successors familiar with the latest technical gadgetry. But when asked about the kind of advice they’d offer their own offspring, should they ever wish to follow in their footsteps, it appears that having a way with people remains a more valued quality.
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While it can be difficult to become a great leader and to achieve great things, practicing great leadership is actually quite easy. There is a tendency to overcomplicate or overthink what leadership is, but actually, leadership can be very simple.
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If, as a leader, you’ve ever had a moment of self-doubt or uncertainty, then you may have accessed one of your archetypes. In any given situation, we can spring into action and either try to "fix" the problem or take control, neither of which are beneficial to leading a team. Finding your archetype can help you approach your weaknesses and address them head on.
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Harvard Business Review
Companies that claim to be "transforming" seem to be everywhere. But when you look more deeply into whether those organizations are truly redefining what they are and what they do, stories of successful change efforts are exceptionally rare.
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