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In July, NPMA will be launching a private health insurance exchange to provide our members with the ability to offer comprehensive health benefits while controlling costs.  While more information on this is forthcoming, we do have an immediate need to provide potential carriers with a census of our members who would be interested in signing up for this program.  

In order to do so, we would appreciate it if you could complete the following survey at your earliest convenience.

Again, please look for more information in the coming weeks.  If you have any questions, please contact Janay Rickwalder.
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NPMA is pleased to announce the results of its annual board of director elections.
J. Bryan Cooksey, III (McCall Service Inc., Jacksonville, FL) will serve as President.
Dennis Jenkins (ABC Home & Commercial Services, Lewisville, TX) will serve as President-Elect.
Chris Gorecki (Orkin Pest Control, Atlanta, GA) will serve as Treasurer.
Scott Steckel (Varment Guard Environmental Services, Inc., Columbus, OH) will serve as Secretary.
Chuck Tindol (Allgood Pest Solutions, Knoxville, TN) will serve as Immediate Past President.
Each of the newly elected directors will begin their term of office on July 1, 2017. New members of the Board of Directors include:
Past President Representative: Laura Simpson (Dugas Pest Control, Baton Rouge, LA)
At Large Director: Jerry Batzner (Batzner Pest Control, Inc., Waukesha, WI)
At Large Director: Faye Golden (Cook’s Pest Control, Inc., Decatur, AL)
At Large Director: Dayton Hylton (Dayton’s Pest Control Services, Inc., Knoxville, TN)
At Large Director: Kevin Lemasters (EnviroPest, Loveland, CO)
At Large Director: Jason Payne (Payne Pest Management, Inc., San Diego, CA)
Region 1 Director: Sarah Thomas-Clark (Thomas Pest Services, Inc., Albany, NY)
Region 4 Director: Thomas Cantu (Bug Off Pest Control, Pharr, TX)
These individuals join the current NPMA Board members to round out the association’s leadership:
At Large Director: Ben Johnson (ABC Home & Commercial Services, Houston, TX)
At Large Director: Andrew Klein (Assured Environments, New York, NY)
At Large Director: Justin McCauley (McCauley Services, Benton, AR)
At Large Director: Alfie Treleven (Sprague Pest Solutions, Tacoma, WA)
Region 2 Director: Scott Fortson (Terminix Service, Inc., Columbia, SC)
Region 3 Director: Nicole Kirwan Keefe (Clark Pest Control, Lodi, CA)
Region 5 Director: Sandy Costa (Green Leaf Pest Control, Bradford, Ontario, Canada)
"NPMA is delighted to welcome our newly elected Board and Executive Committee," says NPMA Chief Executive Officer Dominique Stumpf, CMP, CAE. "We are fortunate to have excellent leaders who will work together to encourage high levels of competence, knowledge and performance in the industry."
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Cooper Pest Control
Crawlspace Depot

Don’t miss the next presentation of NPMA’s technical webinar series – Workplace Safety: The latest OSHA updates, including Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Rules. This talk will be presented live on Wednesday, April 26 at 2:00pm EST.
Safety is one of the most important focuses of the workplace, but federal standards and regulations are constantly being updated. Are you up to speed on the latest OSHA rule changes? This technical webinar will provide an overview of the latest in regulations and safety standards set by OSHA. Specific topics will include a review of the final rule to update general industry walking-working surfaces and fall protection standards.
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Crawlspace Depot
Up to 20% energy savings with Bora-Foam.
Bora-Foam is the first termite-resistant expanded polystyrene insulation designed for basement and crawl space encapsulation. It’s an important component in preventing termites and moisture, and is proven to meet or exceed building codes. R-11 Bora-Foam can help can save up to 20% on energy costs as well.
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Have a human resources problem? Question? Crisis? Do you simply need to brainstorm a problem or a particular employee situation? NPMA members can call, email or text Seay Management Consultants to speak with one of their HR consultants free of charge regarding any employment issue that arises in your business. The comprehensive menu of services provided can be found here

Sandy Seay and his associates are very familiar with the pest management industry, having represented and advised pest management companies for nearly 50 years. For more information about Seay Management Consultants, click here. To contact Sandy Seay, call 407-426-9484 or email
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Pest Pic of the Week

Carpenter Ant in Damaged Wood
As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of
pest images at for use by NPMA members.
View the image use policy.
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UPG Unified Purchasing Group
New Members
Cajun Bug Exterminating, L.L.C.
Dynamic Pest Control, LLC
EcoServ Pest Elimination
Green Kastle
Hudson Pest Solutions
Midwest Pest Control
Mule Mountain Pest Control
Pest Home Defense
Tanya's Pest Control, LLC
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EcoTech Pest Control Services of Tampa, FL 
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Allergy Technologies LLC
Get Started with Bed Bug Prevention!
Pest Management Professionals are discovering they can be both more efficient and effective with their bed bug work by incorporating ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners into their control and preventive strategies. PMPs are no longer passively encasing bed bugs, hoping they don’t escape; ActiveGuard® kills them 24/7 for two years.
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In Memoriam
Scott Richardson,  NPMA and AZPPO member, recently passed away. In lieu of flowers, you may donate to the George W. Bush Center's Military Service Program Warrior 100.
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Members Make Headlines

Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators is proud to announce the establishment of the E. Raymond Crim III Scholarship Program.  Arrow Exterminators will fund this five thousand-dollar scholarship annually and preference will be given to applicants with military service and to individuals whose families serve in the pest control industry.  This scholarship is designed to be complimentary to existing scholarships within the industry.
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Weekly Headlines
Entomology Today
A new study finds that placing just a few pitfall traps for bed bugs—or even just one—can have a high success rate in detecting low-level infestations in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, which could lower the cost of monitoring and increase adoption in housing facilities where resources for pest management are limited.
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National Geographic
Scientists have discovered that wax worms can eat plastic bags. Could that help us reduce plastic pollution?
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ABC News
Thousands of bacteria-infected mosquitoes were released in the wild Tuesday near Key West, testing a new way to kill mosquitoes that carry Zika and other viruses. The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District released 20,000 male mosquitoes infected by the Kentucky-based company MosquitoMate with naturally occurring Wolbachia bacteria.
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National Geographic
A new study finds that the naked mole rat, which lives in highly populated underground burrows, can tolerate hours of very low oxygen levels and survive up to 18 minutes of anoxia, or total oxygen deprivation.
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Canines have become well known for their ability to sniff out things like drugs and bombs, and now, pest control is going to the dogs.
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Garden Girls Repellents LLC
For your Business
In the workplace, we continuously and unconsciously assess leaders for two distinct sets of nonverbal signals. Obviously, the art of blending just the right amount of warmth and authority signals is the "secret sauce" of leadership effectiveness . . . most of the time. There are business situations, however, when emphasizing one set of signals over the other gives you an advantage.
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Fake focus occurs because of a misalignment of what purportedly is important and the performance that actually produces results. And it can exist simultaneously at an individual, managerial, and organizational level. The following questions will help you assess the presence or absence of fake focus at these levels.
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Great leadership is dynamic; it melds a variety of unique skills into an integrated whole. Great leadership is also founded in good habits. What follows are the essential habits that exceptional leaders rely on every day. Give them a try and see where they take your leadership skills.
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The Washington Post
The image most people have of a straight-from-central-casting CEO is usually something like the following: An extroverted, charismatic, confident executive who climbed a mistake-free ladder to the top with a degree from an elite school. But a new 10-year study from a leadership advisory firm and economists from two business schools, published in this month's Harvard Business Review, finds that the most successful chief executives often don't fit that mold.
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As a leader, one of your key responsibilities is to develop the people who work with you, to push them to new heights, and to develop the next generation of leaders. It's true to say that not all of the people who work for you will become Leaders, but it is also true to say that they will all benefit from being developed in this direction.
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