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NPMA has received information indicating that certain personal protective equipment (PPE) items are in short supply. With the critical need for N95 respirators in the health care field, there are few if any “dust/mist” type respirators or particulate filters (N, P, or HE) available in the marketplace, as of April 2020. Some distribution outlets are predicting back-orders with delivery-dates in June, July, or later. 

  • Pesticides may not be applied without the label-required PPE. 
  • Home-made masks are not sufficient substitutes for label-required respirators/masks. 
  • No exemption or relaxation of the requirements has been made by EPA. 
  • Users may need to select alternative products or practices, if required PPE is not available. For example, re-usable gloves can be washed and re-used in the absence of disposable gloves. 


  • Review product labels to identify key products that require respiratory protection. 
  • Evaluate existing inventory and/or availability of PPE. 
  • Seek alternative products or practices if PPE is not obtainable. There may be a very similar product available with different label requirements. 

NPMA needs your help! Take this simple three question survey to help NPMA better understand the pest control industry’s interest in disinfection services. 

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The United States structural pest control industry is comprised of more than 19,000 pest control firms.  The professional pest control industry generated an estimated $9.359 billion in total service revenue in 2019, a 4.3 percent increase from the $8.971 billion measured in 2018, according to the latest report A Strategic Analysis of the U.S. Structural Pest Control Industry from Specialty Consultants, LLC.  The percentage increase this past year was more than twice the 2019 U.S. GDP increase of 2.1 percent. Recurring revenue accounted for 81.6 percent of the residential pest control service revenue.

NAPROCO LLC dba Garden Girls Repellents
Crawlspace Depot

We are aware there are questions about PestWorld 2020 slated for Nashville in October. We believe in our industry and our ability to survive and thrive, especially during difficult times. We understand the importance of events like PestWorld in bringing the industry together to create opportunities for advancement in education, business successes and networking, all of which make us stronger as an industry. Currently, we are moving forward with PestWorld 2020 as planned. We as a nation are taking it one day at a time, NPMA is closely monitoring the situation and adapting as needed. The safety of our members is of the utmost importance to us and we will make any future decisions with this in mind. So for now, please mark your calendar for October 13-16 and plan to join us for PestWorld 2020 as we bring the industry back together. Registration and program information will be available soon, stay tuned!


NPMA is excited to announce that a sample Commercial Sanitation Service Agreement is now available for members to download for FREE through NPMA’s Model Contracts and Forms section of the Resource Center. Additionally, NPMA has updated all other model contracts available for members to download for free including Fumigation, General Household Pest Control, Bed Bug, Mosquito Control, retreat-only and retreat-and-repair Termite agreements.

Crawlspace Depot
Vapor barriers for crawlspaces
Crawlspace Depot offers reinforced poly liners in different lengths and thicknesses that provide essential and effective vapor barriers against moisture wicking up from the ground. Our translucent wall liners wrap easily around walls and piers. Also check our fasteners and adhesives as well as economy and non-reinforced liners.
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Join Zach Devries from the University of Kentucky this Friday, April 24 at 4:00 PM EST as he cover the habits of some of the most common cockroaches you may encounter as well as the public health threat posed from cockroaches so that you can give your customers the best service and knowledge for proper protection. Register today for the Controlling Cockroach Infestations webinar.

Each webinar is one hour and costs $10 to attend as this series is an opportunity to get CEU credits without leaving your home or office. Credits have been approved in AK, AL, AR, AZ, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MS, MT, NC, NM, OK, RI, SC, TN, WA, WV, and WYClick here to view the full webinar series and full credit details.

Pest Pic of the Week

American Cockroach

 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
pest images at for use by NPMA members.

UPG Unified Purchasing Group
New Members

Anchor Pest Services of Manchester, NH
Dunne Inspection Services, LLC of Torrington, WY
Emerick Pest Control, Inc. of Geneseo, IL
Madero Pest Control of Pueblo, CO
Peacemaker Pest Control of Sacramento, CA

Member Benefit Highlight

The effects of COVID-19 are being felt by businesses worldwide, and with added stress to the global supply chain, air cargo capacity is extremely limited. As a result, FedEx has implemented a temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express international shipments.

It’s especially important, now more than ever, to use the resources available to you and stay up-to-date on changes in the industry. Through the NPMA Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®, NPMA members have access to exclusive discounts on select FedEx® services to help offset these surcharges. Enroll today.

NPMA Education and Events

As of now, we are planning to proceed with our summer meetings, but we are obviously monitoring the situation and exploring contingency plans. NPMA very much hopes that we will get to see many of your smiling faces soon.


We look forward to seeing our super PMPs July 14-16 in Orlando, Florida for team building, networking and professional development opportunities at Academy 2020!

Check out the highlights from 2019, stay tuned for program updates and Register Today!

Rates increase 6/20/2020.

In Memoriam

Donald Goff, owner of Twin Pest Control and long-time member of the Tidewater Pest Control Association, passed away on Saturday, April 18 after battling COVID-19. Our condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues.

Weekly Headlines
Fast Company
The ongoing threat of vector-borne disease is reshaping our understanding of the dangers of a warming climate.
Richmond Register
Our early spring was welcomed during this mentally challenging time, but the fast warm-up brought ticks out a little earlier than normal. These bloodsuckers don’t practice social distancing.
Mosquitoes start becoming more active again once air temperatures regularly hit above 50-55 degrees. This week, we’re a little cooler, but temperatures in May will be much warmer than this, indicating a significant increase in activity levels.
Fox News
In parts of some U.S. cities, starving rats have been taking to deserted streets amid the coronavirus lockdown. Some have even resorted to cannibalism in their desperate search for food.
Los Angeles Times
As forensic virologists search to uncover the origins of COVID-19, bats have been fingered as a likely source. But some bat lovers and chiropterologists — scientists who study the flying mammals — are adamant there is no proof.
Target Specialty Products
For your Business
Chief Executive
For many CEOs, this will be the first time dealing with life-or-death human physical safety—and there are a whole lot of issues to consider.
Focus on what's needed today, rather than obsessing over what you can't predict tomorrow.
Michael Hyatt & Co.
During a crisis, leaders tend to hyperfocus on managing the threat and neglect long-range thinking. That’s a mistake because vision is critical both for evaluating short-term decisions and for creating a better future.
Let’s Grow Leaders
No one saw this coming. Performance has nothing to do with it. The humans you are laying off are in the midst of one of the most stressful times in their lives. So are you. Each person’s story is heart-wrenching. Here’s the best advice I have for this challenging time.
In a recent Inc. webinar, 12-time Inc. 5000 honoree Tom Gimbel explained the unconventional strategies that have helped boost his company's productivity and morale during the pandemic.
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In times of crisis, an overabundance of news, opinions, facts and myths starts to circulate, leading to a heightened level of panic and uncertainty. 

“The amount of information people are receiving right now, whether fact or fiction, is enough to make anyone’s head spin,” said Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., chief entomologist for the NPMA. “At this time, there is currently no evidence to suggest that pests like mosquitoes and ticks can be implicated in the transmission of COVID-19. They are, however, able to transmit other serious diseases such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease. With summer right around the corner and people spending more time outdoors than ever before, vigilant pest prevention efforts will be paramount to public safety.”

To help Americans decipher the true threats associated with pests, NPMA is breaking down the most common culprits of disease transmission and how to protect against them. Read more.
Humans aren’t the only ones fighting over the last morsels of food these days. For us, we’re duking it out at the grocery store in the bread aisle. But for New Jersey’s rodent population, it’s happening in the streets.
Fast Company
The coronavirus has caused a seismic shift in industries across the board—changes that may be here to stay.
  Date Event Location
  July 14-16 Academy 2020 Orlando, FL
  July 23-25 Carolinas/Mid-Atlantic 2020 Summer Conference Myrtle Beach, SC
  October 13-16 PestWorld 2020 Nashville, TN
  November 8-10 International Professional Women in Pest Management Leadership Forum San Diego, CA

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