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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a rapidly evolving pandemic with many implications on our lives, businesses, employees and families. NPMA recognizes the need for our members to have accurate information as it relates to COVID-19. In case you missed Friday’s webinar, click here to listen to the recording, and here to download the PowerPoint presentation. Visit to view NPMA’s latest update on essential services and keep checking for updates and resources.

The Association of American Pesticide Control Officials (AAPCO) has posted the preliminary survey results of state lead agencies regarding COVID-19 related impacts to their state certification programs.  To view the preliminary results click here. NPMA has compiled the results of the survey as well as our independent research into an easy to read spreadsheet to help track state responses to COVID -19.  Click here to access the spreadsheet.

NPMA is working with AAPCO and the Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials (ASPCRO) to identify ways that industry and regulators can work together to streamline the certification testing process in states.  At this time, we ask that NPMA members do not reach out directly to states with inquiries on this topic, instead, information will be communicated through NPMA.

We appreciate everyone’s tremendous efforts, our NPMA team will continue to provide updates as we have them.


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Crawlspace Depot

On March 8, people around the globe celebrated women leaders during International Women’s Day, and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is proud to have seen the pest management industry participate in this year’s initiative.

While there are women represented in all job roles across pest management businesses, they are an anomaly in our mostly male-dominated industry. NPMA strongly believes that sharing examples of successful women in pest management roles could inspire other women to join this changing industry and help close the gap. Click here to view a snapshot of the pest management companies who participated in celebrating #IWD2020.


As of now, we are planning to proceed with the Industry Safety Summit but we are obviously monitoring the situation and exploring contingency plans. NPMA very much hopes that we will get to see many of your smiling faces soon.

Join us on June 25-26, 2020 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in sunny Orlando, FL for the Industry Safety Summit. This workshop-style meeting will bring safety experts together with companies of all sizes to talk safety in the pest management industry. Topics covered will include safe driving, pesticide safety, and tips on implementing a safety program in your business.

Stay tuned for programming information coming soon!


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Vapor barriers for crawlspaces
Crawlspace Depot offers reinforced poly liners in different lengths and thicknesses that provide essential and effective vapor barriers against moisture wicking up from the ground. Our translucent wall liners wrap easily around walls and piers. Also check our fasteners and adhesives as well as economy and non-reinforced liners.
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Keep children entertained and educated with fun online games from! There's something for kids of all ages in our interactive arcade. Enjoy a fun and educational journey into the world of pests!

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Eastern Tent Caterpillar

 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
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Member Benefit Highlight

Spring has sprung! Use the Spring issue of  Pest Gazette to show your current and potential customers how your company can help them control the various types of pests that may invade their home as the warm weather starts to return.

Pest Gazette is available in a print and digital format that is perfect for online marketing! 

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NPMA Education and Events
Members Make Headlines
On Thursday March 5, 2020, the PWIPM of New England awarded the 1st Annual Women of Excellence Award.  The winner was Julie Heincelman, ACE of JP Pest Services in Milford, NH.
McCall Service, Inc. is excited to announce that it is building upon its successful 2019 Bedbug Summit and hosting for the benefit of the industry and those we serve the 2020 Commercial Pest Management Summit in Tampa, Florida, on September 25, 2020.
Weekly Headlines
Pest Management Professional
In an email to members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), which has set up an online resource at, NPMA CEO Dominique Stumpf, CMP, CAE, noted that “This document classifies our industry as essential, which is an important step should the Federal Government issue a shelter-in-place mandate.”
Fox 8
Now that the French Quarter is mostly empty, the City of New Orleans is now working to clear out rat population. Local leaders believe fewer people and a lack of food in the Quarter may be causing increased activity among the rodents.
Western Mass News
Coronavirus concerns and quarantine restrictions have many people stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. However, coronavirus isn't the only danger you should try to avoid.
Entomology Today
The first ever exploding mosquitoes can be attributed to Robert Gwadz, Ph.D., in a discovery that was made through basic laboratory research over 50 years ago
Fort Bend Star
Amidst concerns about COVID-19, hand sanitizers and disinfectant products are flying off the shelves at area grocery stores – leaving residents in search of solutions. One Richmond company has at least a temporary solution that it’s hoping will give residents peace of mind.
Target Specialty Products
For your Business
Chief Executive
Having a diversified portfolio helps investors cope with market turbulence. In these times of uncertainty, the same should be true for companies.
Texas CEO
Leadership requires fearlessness, and that’s never truer than in a crisis. When problems and setbacks occur, everyone looks at you, the leader, to see how you are going to react. As the leader, you have to steer the ship and prevent yourself—and others—from panicking.
Fast Company
Research shows that those who negotiate online are less likely to reach deals. The good news is that there are practical steps to take to improve your odds.
Marlene Chism Consulting
The disruption of the COVID-19 virus is creating uncertainty, fear and chaos. The world seems to be coming to a screeching halt and life as we knew it is no more.  Here are a few practical ideas to help you cope in times of uncertainty.
Most of us can agree the coronavirus has created a great time of uncertainty. There's a lot of fear, and a lot of people are changing the way they work and live. But now is not the time to panic. There are only two business approaches to dealing with coronavirus that will lead to success.
Trending Articles
There are many questions surrounding the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), including how it’s spread. With warm weather approaching, there may be concerns about disease transmission from insects, but it’s important to note that coronavirus is not spread by vector pests.
Fast Company
The CEO of HackerOne, which features a community of over 600,000 people working remotely, offers tips for the best ways to set up remote workers to succeed.
Control Solutions, Inc.
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  Date Event Location
  June 25-26 Industry Safety Summit Orlando, FL
  July 14-16 Academy 2020 Orlando, FL
  July 23-25 Carolinas/Mid-Atlantic 2020 Summer Conference Myrtle Beach, SC
  October 13-16 PestWorld 2020 Nashville, TN

View our master calendar for a full list of industry events.




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