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The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is proud to announce the selection of the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) class of 2020 participants, continuing NPMA’s commitment to prepare rising stars for association leadership roles and develop successful ambassadors for our industry.

“As proven with the previous three ELP classes, the curriculum presents a fantastic opportunity for these aspiring association leaders to grow professionally and personally. In turn, NPMA benefits by hearing fresh perspectives and establishing a pipeline of engaged members. It’s truly a win-win situation,” stated NPMA CEO Dominique Stumpf. “I look forward to working with this new group of participants and witnessing their many successes for years to come.”

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Back by popular demand, NPMA will be hosting a Kid’s Program on March 9th within the larger Legislative Day program. Children will get a chance to explore some of the most iconic DC landmarks as well as a tour of the Capitol Building! If you are interested in having your child(ren) participate, please RSVP to Maria Mercado by January 15.

NPMA can only host this program based on confirmed commitments. Please RSVP as soon as possible. 


The January/February 2020 issue of PestWorld magazine is on the way! The magazine provides a Legislative Outlook, with the following features:

DC: An Update and an Invitation
2020 will be a challenging year legislatively, with the upcoming election and vital legislation. NPMA’s Legislative Day will be the forum to highlight the pest management industry’s needs.

Crystal Ball: 2020 State Legislative Activity
Neonicotinoids, rodenticides, pesticide preemption, occupational licensing reform, service taxes and landlord-tenant bed bug legislation will likely be the top issues facing us in 2020.

Safeguarding Your Pest Control Business from Costly Cyber Risks
To protect a business against cybercrime, it is essential to take a proactive approach and have the right kind of insurance coverage.

The issue also includes articles on Being the Voice of Reason Amidst Controversy, Marijuana Legislation; Elm Seed Bugs and more.

Also, check out our PestWorld magazine website, where you'll find current and archived articles, as well as exclusive online-only content!

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iSTRIKE gives you a jump on WDOs
iSTRIKE Insecticide Foam fills voids, galleries and holes and kills on contact. It also leaves a residual to continue protection. The convenient aerosol can comes with an applicator hose and narrow and wide tips. Keep one on your truck!
• wood boring beetles
• carpenter bees
• subterranean & drywood termites
• listed ants
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Sponsored by FMC, The PestVets Veteran of the Year Award was created to honor a Veteran who has helped strengthen the role of the pest management industry. They are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the industry and to the communities they serve. The criteria may include any of the following: the nominee’s leadership/involvement in community volunteer activities, the nominee’s contributions to the pest control industry, the nominee’s contributions to his/her company, and the nominee’s contributions to other Veterans. The minimum qualifications for a nomination must include: must be an honorably discharged (DD214) Veteran of the US Military and must be employed by an NPMA member company.

Deadline: Nominations are due by February 20, 2020. The recipient will be awarded at Legislative Day 2020 in Washington, DC. If you have any questions regarding a nomination, please contact Jake Plevelich at or by phone at (703) 352-6762.

In conjunction with PestWorld 2020, NPMA will be hosting a special, two-day program, designed specifically for managers and owners to sharpen their business skills as you plan for growth in 2021. To help assist us with the format, topics and program, we’d like to ask you to complete a short, 4 question survey. Click here to get started.

Pest Pic of the Week


Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula

 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
pest images at for use by NPMA members.

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New Members

1st Defense Pest Solutions, LLC of Holmen, WI
Circle 'S' Pest Control, Inc. of Stanley, NC
JS Thompson Services, LLC of Ladys Island, SC
Liberty Pest Control, LLC of Dover, DE

Member Benefit Highlight

NPMA’s Resource Center provides members with an intuitive one-stop-shop for access to the latest technical and business management resources including online training.

Training on Your Schedule: We work to fit your schedule. From certifications and state-required recertification credits to business webinars and conference recaps, the Resource Center allows self-guided learning with more than 60 career-building webinars. Explore our online training resources now!

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How to attract Millennial Drivers – Recruitment Guide
Millennials account for more than one-third of the U.S. employee population and more are entering the workforce every day, making this generation the biggest opportunity for growth in fleets.
A successful driver recruitment strategy will attract a new pool of dynamic employees who are wholeheartedly engaged in the company. Here are five ideas on how to recruit millennial drivers:
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NPMA Education and Events

Join the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) at the 2020 Wildlife Expo! The program at the Wildlife Expo combines training and education with networking opportunities and the chance to check out the latest technology and services in the Exhibit Hall. Whether you are a large company or a one-man shop, use this opportunity to grow this segment of your business by attending this unique meeting.

Register earlyrates increase January 15!


This March, National Pest Management Association members will climb Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to meet with their members of Congress at Legislative Day 2020 – providing opportunities to promote the pest management industry and advocate for issues important to us. A key priority for the pest management industry during the 2018 Farm Bill, NPMA continues to push Congress to secure federal preemption. NPMA staff is visiting committees of jurisdiction already to prepare them for your visits during Legislative Day in March. To kick off this lobbying push, NPMA has redesigned our one pager on preemption, available here. Throughout January, NPMA will be releasing our Legislative Day one pagers and will hold a webinar in February to prepare attendees on all of our issues and what expect.

Click here to learn more about Legislative Day 2020, and register today!

Heard From the Hill
Please join the NPMA Public Policy Staff as we show you how to use VoterVoice, NPMA’s feature weapon for bolstering and defending the industry using grassroots campaigns. This quick, yet informative 30-minute webinar will show you how to defend your industry and bottom line using VoterVoice.

Click here to register for NPMA Grassroots Campaigns: Learn how to Use VoterVoice on Jan 16, 2020 3:00 PM EST.

NPMA staff is kicking off 2020 with a massive educational push on the importance of preemption. VP of Public Policy Ashley Amidon visited with Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA-012), Rep. Jim Baird (R-IN-04), Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN-8), Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO-4), Rep Troy Balderson (R-OH-12), Rep Steve Chabot (R-OH-01), and Rep Kelly (R-MS-1) just in the last few days. Amidon has requested meetings with every member of the House Ag and House Small Business committee on this issue, and will be preparing all these offices for NPMA visits during our Legislative Day in March. NPMA continues to advocate for federal preemption on the Hill, and will focus on this issue as our #1 priority in 2020.

Weekly Headlines
Fox News
Pennsylvania State Police are itching to find a person who unleashed a bed bug infestation inside a men's changing room at a Walmart in Edinboro.
The family says they left for a week for Christmas, and while they were gone a squirrel got inside their home and tore things apart.
Since 2012, the state has had a more-than tenfold increase in cases of anaplasmosis, which has more severe symptoms than Lyme disease.
Fox News
A South African man was attempting to impress his new date with his pet goldfish, Cleo, only to be stunned when a giant nursery web spider snatched the unsuspecting fish out of its pond and carried it away.
Entomology Today
In a recent study, infected mosquitoes were less responsive to repellents than non-infected mosquitoes. They also found that older mosquitoes were less sensitive to repellents than younger mosquitoes.
For your Business
Business 2 Community
With dozens of new marketing tech flooding the market, hundreds of courses on marketing mastery and thousands of sales funnel videos, predicting marketing trends for 2020 became difficult to predict.
Insead Knowledge
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: They don’t see themselves as heroes.
Business Insider
As we head into this next decade of leadership, there are several leadership skills that I believe it will be essential for us to lean into. In the interest of keeping them short and sweet, I offer you 10 here to get you started.
Developing a distinct employment brand and fostering a strong culture to attract and retain talent isn’t new, but it’s never been more critical. These six practices will elevate your talent game in this new decade.
There are many ways to determine whether a worker is ready to move up in your company. If your employee meets these criteria, it may be time to discuss advancing their career path.
Trending Articles
Daily Star
Pest controller Arnold Sciberras recently discovered the white-eyed mutation of the American cockroach which are more aggressive and dominant.
A Bourbon Street restaurant has temporarily closed its doors after a video showed a pack of rats running through the kitchen and counter.
The Asian giant hornet, a 2-inch menace that feasts on honeybees, has invaded Washington state. It might've migrated from Canada, where a colony was discovered nesting in the ground.
Control Solutions, Inc.
Apply Bait Like Never Before
Introducing the Precision Delivery System® Featuring Doxem® Precise Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait. The PDS is designed to apply Doxem Precise bait consistently, accurately, and quickly. Capable of reaching up to 24” inches into voids, the PDS makes it possible for deep pockets of pests to be easily eliminated. The PDS featuring Doxem Precise delivers unparalleled efficacy, simplicity, and value per bait placement.
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  Date Event Location
  January 15-17                Eastern Conference Atlantic City, NJ
  February 4-6 Wildlife Conference Las Vegas, NV
  February 11-12 Southern Conference Memphis, TN
  March 8-10 Legislative Day Washington, DC

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