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The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) board of directors votes unanimously on comprehensive plan to promote the professional pest control industry

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) announced at PestWorld 2019 the unanimous approval by its board of directors of a comprehensive Workforce Development Initiative to help ensure the future growth of the pest control industry. Through this initiative, the NPMA board of directors, comprised of representatives from various pest management companies, is poised to meet the increasing challenge of attracting and retaining qualified talent to the industry.

“The timing is right for our organization to address the long-standing need for skilled workers in professional pest control,” said NPMA CEO Dominique Stumpf.

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The National Pest Management Association is pleased to announce the Deni Naumann Empowerment Grant, funded by ServiceMaster. The grant will be administered by NPMA’s Professional Women in Pest Management (PWIPM) Council.

The grant will begin in 2020 and provides the opportunity for a female in any industry business role to compete for an all-expenses paid trip to attend PestWorld each year, plus $1,000 towards her professional goal. This also enables PWIPM to continue their annual Empowerment Grant program with guaranteed funds for at least one woman per year.

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iSTRIKE gives you a jump on WDOs
iSTRIKE Insecticide Foam fills voids, galleries and holes and kills on contact. It also leaves a residual to continue protection. The convenient aerosol can comes with an applicator hose and narrow and wide tips. Keep one on your truck!
• wood boring beetles
• carpenter bees
• subterranean & drywood termites
• listed ants
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In today’s digital age technology and business growth go along hand in hand, refusing growth upon one’s usage and of knowledge of new technologies can leave a business stagnant or even in a state of decline. While on the other hand, taking the time to learn how to utilize new technologies can lead to great business growth and better control in the industry.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of this year’s Technology Summit December 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia as it aims to arm you with all the skills and knowledge to thrive in this technologically driven world!

Register early, rates increase November 11.

View the program and register today!

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 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
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New Members

All Seasons Pest Control of Southgate, MI
Cooper Pest Control, Inc. of Raleigh, NC

Absolute Pest Control Services, Inc. of Calgary, AB

Wil-Kil Pest Control Company of Sun Prairie, WI
Holder’s Pest Solutions of Houston, TX

Member Benefit Highlight
Does your company need a marketing boost that doesn’t break the budget? Consider using Mainframe, an online digital agency powered by the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA). This exclusive subscription service enables companies to access comprehensive marketing materials to jumpstart or supplement existing marketing, public relations, social media and advertising efforts. Learn more.
Amvac Chemical Corp.
AMVAC’s NUVAN product line offers professional applicators convenience and economy for a wide range of pest control needs. The products – NUVAN Prostrips, NUVAN Prostrips+, NUVAN Directed Spray Aerosol, NUVAN Fog 5%, NUVAN Fog 4EC and NUVAN Fog 2EC – feature the active ingredient dichlorvos (DDVP), a non-residual insecticide that acts quickly on labeled pests including ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, clothes moths, cockroaches, earwigs, flies, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders and wasps.
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Heard From the Hill
After more than an 18-month long delay, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) informed NPMA this week that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has reauthorized the NPMA-99-A – Subterranean Termite Protection Builder’s Guarantee and NPMA-99-B – New Construction Subterranean Termite Service Record.  The reauthorized forms will bear a new expiration date of September 30, 2022. These forms are completed by the builder and pest management company respectively to document pre-construction termite treatments required for Veteran’s Administration (VA) and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans.  For more information about the requirements for using these forms visit:
Marty Overline of Aardvark Pest Management did an excellent job testifying before the Philadelphia City Council’s Licensing and Inspection Committee regarding a landlord-tenant bed bug bill on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. Marty shared his expertise on bed bugs and structural pest management and answered many questions from curious City Councilmembers. He represented our industry well and offered to share NPMA’s bed bug BMPs with the Committee to help them understand the best ways to manage bed bugs. The bill became more controversial on the day of the hearing as an amendment was added late that would require landlords and tenants to split the cost of treatment after 90 days. On a basic level, the bill closely resembles the Colorado and Connecticut bed bug laws with the requirement that only a PMP may treat in most circumstances. The major difference in this Philadelphia bill is the 90-day provision where landlords and tenants have to split the cost. In Colorado and Connecticut, the landlord must pay in most circumstances and there is no splitting of the cost. The bill advanced out of Committee and heads to the full Council for a vote. Congratulations to Marty as he showed that our industry is a private-sector solution to Philadelphia’s bed bug problem. Read bill here.
Weekly Headlines
Philadelphia came in at No.1 on Terminix’s ranking of the top 50 most bedbug-infested cities in the country.
New York Post
Researchers at Fordham University studying a colony of rats at a Brooklyn recycling center found rodents flock to areas rich in female-rat pheromones, but ignore areas where the scent of male rats predominate.
According to a scientist from the University of Alaska Anchorage, non-native species of ticks may soon be a problem in Alaska.
The state health department is warning residents not to let their guard down amid the outbreak of a rare mosquito-borne illness that killed at least five people in Michigan this year.
Health officials say a south Alabama resident has died from a mosquito-borne virus.
Lytx, Inc
For your Business
Fast Company
GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling says she actually found it hardest to manage millennials at the beginning of her career or even identify with them at all.
Leading with Trust
Trust is the critical foundation for creating an environment where your team members can flourish, be engaged, and exercise their creativity and innovation to achieve their goals and those of the organization.
Learn what makes your employees motivated and enjoying their jobs so they feel connected for the long haul.
If entrepreneurs heeded these common mistakes, they would add legitimacy to their claims and do a much better job of getting their points across.
Skip Prichard
You set the tone to create an environment that empowers or imprisons. How you interact with others, how you show up, how you operate all impact others around you.
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Trending Articles
The co-founder of Microsoft prescribes a principle that will raise every leader's bar.
CBS Chicago
Chicago has been ranked the country’s rattiest city for the fifth straight year, according to a report by Orkin. The report ranked its top 50 rattiest cities, with second and third places going to Los Angeles and New York respectively.
As if life wasn't already challenging enough for residents in low-income urban neighborhoods, new research suggests such communities are more at risk from particularly harmful, aggressive mosquitoes.
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  December 4-6 2019 Technology Summit Atlanta, GA
  January 15-17                Eastern Conference Atlantic City, NJ
  February 4-6 Wildlife Conference Las Vegas, NV
  February 11-12 Southern Conference Memphis, TN
  March 8-10 Legislative Day Washington, DC

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