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New for 2019! The pest management industry has always been committed to giving back to the communities they serve. This year, we are excited to introduce our Day of Service event, offering attendees several ways to support those in need. Please make a commitment to join us for one or several of these opportunities during PestWorld 2019.

  • PestWorld Gives Back – to support the local community
  • PWIPM 5K Fun Run/Walk – to support Feeding America
  • LNC Gives Back – to support the San Diego homeless population
  • PestVets Gives Back – to perform up-keep on the USS Midway

NAPROCO LLC dba Garden Girls Repellents
Nisus Corp

The National Pest Management Association has developed a free online training course designed to provide instruction on completing the revised NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection Report. This 30-minute course will review when and why to use the NPMA-33 report, recent revisions to the form, and how to properly complete this document. Visit: to access the training.

The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), which serves as the public outreach arm of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), is working to educate consumers about the dangers and threats associated with rodents during Rodent Awareness Week, this October 20-26, 2019. A recent online research study conducted between January 2018 and July 2019 by Advanced Symbolics Inc. using a representative sample of 274,500 Americans revealed that rats are America’s biggest pest concern for health and home issues, and that rodents are spotted almost twice as often in bathrooms than in any other area in the home.

Nisus Corp
DominAnt Bait Station: Snap, Lock & Place!
DominAnt Liquid Ant Bait attracts and kills all common household ants. The bait station is easy to use—just snap it open, lock the lid and place the station. Three staging portals allow hundreds of ants to easily access the station and move up and down feeding ramps.
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The Pest Management Foundation is looking for your help to identify research projects with the greatest positive impact on the pest management industry.  Please complete a short 5-minute survey.

By participating in this survey, you will be helping to better focus industry research dollars toward projects that will positively impact your business, your technicians, and your clients.  Please feel free to forward the link to others - the more data we collect, the better!

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Squirrel on Tree

 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
pest images at for use by NPMA members.

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New Members

Commonwealth Vector Control, LLC of Richmond, VA
Fernando Soto Villegas of Mexico
Fuhmer Control de Plagas of Mexico
Fumiceval of Mexico
Fumigaciones Elite of Mexico
Guaranteed Pest Services of Giddings, TX
Paladin Pest Management of Carthage, TX
Premier Termite & Pest Control of Richmond, KY
PTC Urban Entomology Consultants of Costa Mesa, CA
X CONTROL of Mexico
X-Termindores de Plagas of Mexico

Member Benefit Highlight

Fall is right around the corner and this issue of Pest Gazette will help you give your customers and prospects a description of the various types of pests that may take over their home during the season.

Pest Gazette is available in printed and digital format that is perfect for online marketing! 

Click here to start customizing your  Pest Gazette today!

Amvac Chemical Corp.
AMVAC’s NUVAN product line offers professional applicators convenience and economy for a wide range of pest control needs. The products – NUVAN Prostrips, NUVAN Prostrips+, NUVAN Directed Spray Aerosol, NUVAN Fog 5%, NUVAN Fog 4EC and NUVAN Fog 2EC – feature the active ingredient dichlorvos (DDVP), a non-residual insecticide that acts quickly on labeled pests including ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, clothes moths, cockroaches, earwigs, flies, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders and wasps.
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NPMA Education and Events

Heard From the Hill

It was an excellent annual meeting hosted by RISE this year at the Ritz Carlton in Marana, AZ. NPMA was incredibly pleased to participate. Of interest to public policy, our industry was represented on the RISE Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) chaired by Steve Dorer of Syngenta. Steve did an incredible job Chairing the Committee and his leadership during his year as Chair has been very effective. The LAC committee highlighted threats to the pesticide industry, significant victories, and decided to take action on next steps to combat looming threats. In particular, RISE LAC accepted NPMA’s offer to form a preemption working group that will be hosted at NPMA’s office in the coming months prior to the start of the 2020 legislative sessions. Additional shout outs to Karen Reardon, Stephanie Binns, Chris Novak, Riley Titus, Kellie Bray, and all other CLA-RISE Staff that made us feel welcome. We look forward to continuing our relationship with our friends at CropLife America and RISE!

NPMA, in partnership with the Pesticide Policy Coalition (PPC), visited several House representative offices, including Democratic Representatives Michael San Nicolas (Guam), Bill Pascrell (NJ-09), Abby Finkenauer (IA-01), Thomas Suozzi (NY-03) and Sean Casten (IL-06). The members were briefed on the importance of relying on EPA and scientific data to make pesticide decisions in accordance with the federal statute; Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). All of the offices were receptive of the importance of pesticides to our industry to help us protect the integrity of structures and human health from harmful pests that transmit disease and contaminate food.

Members Make Headlines

September 19: NWCOA Bat Standards Certified, Part 1
The NWCOA Bat Standards Certified Course (Part 1) covers bat biology. It also covers bat behavior, identification, and morphology. It provides service agreement language for bat removal and guano removal, seasonal restrictions, inspection techniques, equipment, safety, detailed exclusion techniques, job pricing, decontamination techniques, rabies, bat handling, updated white-nose syndrome information, and much more.

September 20-21: NWCOA Structural Bat Management Professional, Part 2
This two-day course includes one day of classroom style training that gives instruction on pricing, sales, liabilities and bat seal-up and guano removal contracts. The class will provide inspection instruction, as well as group practice in inspection. The first day will also include euthanasia and safety, PPE and decontamination protocols.

Click here for more details.

Weekly Headlines
Delmar Times
Delmar TimesSeveral ticks recently collected along the Lopez Canyon Trail in Sorrento Valley have tested positive for tularemia, a bacterial disease that can cause severe illness and even death
A sample of mosquitoes from Washington Township, New Jersey, tested positive for West Nile Virus and Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), according to local officials.
The Travel
Are you looking to move to a new location? If so, you might want to consider whether or not the city you're looking at has issues with pests such as roaches.
Fox News
A family claims that they unknowingly ate food that was covered in bugs at Disney World. According to their lawsuit, the family became ill after eating the food and made several trips to the emergency room.
Subterranean termites cause billions of dollars of damage annually and are notorious for their destructive habits. Why are they so destructive?
Lytx, Inc
For your Business
Association for Talent Development
If we just begin practicing and embracing inquiry-based leadership, then we can build more robust leadership styles. In the process, we will become cognizant about the ways we frame questions.
With innovations developing fast, we predict the sector's most significant coming changes.
Thin Difference
Think back to someone in your life who helped you grow in a specific way. Whether it’s a coach, a supervisor, a teacher, a mentor, a parent, or a friend, each of us can probably picture a person or two who made a world of difference.
Business 2 Community
Identifying mistakes is easy in hindsight. But how can you anticipate them if you don’t want to give away your marketing strategy to competitors?
Listening to and understanding your young employees' needs is the fastest way to figure out what you need to offer them, and sharing your point of view is the best way to put a clear internal communication flow in place.
UPG Unified Purchasing Group
Trending Articles
CBS News
Most people know how it feels to have some water left in your ear after a shower or a dip in the pool. But a Kansas City woman was horrified to learn that, in her case, that waterlogged feeling was actually caused by a venomous brown recluse spider lodged in her ear canal.
During recent months spotted lanternflies have invaded a few more counties in New Jersey.
Fox News
A Massachusetts resident has contracted a rare but potentially deadly tick-borne illness, officials in the town of Maynard, where the patient lives, announced this week.
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  October 15-18 PestWorld 2019 San Diego, CA
  December 4-6 2019 Technology Summit Atlanta, GA

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