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The Pest Management Foundation funds research into the practical pest control questions that impact pest management companies and how they control pests. Please consider making a donation to the Pest Management Foundation as part of #GivingTuesday by making a donation of $20.18 today, November 27.

By making a tax deductible donation of $20.18, you will help fund structural pest control research projects at Universities across the United States and help encourage the next generation of urban entomologists through scholarship programs. 

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For more information about the Pest Management Foundation, or to make a donation, visit or follow us on Facebook.

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Nisus Corp

The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) identifies and trains aspiring association leaders to establish a pipeline of engaged members that represents NPMA’s diverse membership. The two-year curriculum involves professional development, association training, monthly mentoring and attendance at NPMA events. 

"The ELP Program has really opened up my eyes into the inner workings of the NPMA. I've learned to be a better leader and connected with some of the industry's elite that have opened up their doors to me. The friendships I have made over the course of the year have proven to be some of the most valuable. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity extended to me by the NPMA to be part of this group." 

Jeff King, The Pest Rangers
ELP 2017

Interested? Click here to complete an application and here to learn more about the criteria. The application process will close on December 16.


Winter is right around the corner and this issue of Pest Gazette will help you give your customers and prospects a description of the various types of pests that may take over their home during the season.

The Pest Gazette is customizable – you can add your logo, contact information and an article of your choice.

Click here to view the current issue. Click here to fill out the order form or contact us at

Nisus Corp
DominAnt Bait Station: Snap, Lock & Place!
DominAnt Liquid Ant Bait attracts and kills all common household ants. The bait station is easy to useā€”just snap it open, lock the lid and place the station. Three staging portals allow hundreds of ants to easily access the station and move up and down feeding ramps.
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We invite you to join us for the 2019 Southern Conference at the Hilton Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. The conference will feature a mix of in-depth management sessions, and technical courses featuring the latest research in the pest management industry.

View the full program and register today!

Registration rates increase January 12, 2019


Q: We understand bats are beneficial critters, but we have been struggling for the past couple years with them coming into a customer’s attic. What can we do to prevent them from coming into our home?

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 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
pest images at for use by NPMA members.

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Member Benefit Highlight

Vision benefits help keep employees’ eyes healthy—but there’s more to them than meets the eye. In fact, many people are surprised to learn that good eye care can be a powerful way to prevent or diagnose overall health issues — like diabetes, hypertension, and more. Connecting the dots between vision and overall health can help employees see the full value of the benefits you offer.

Please contact JerriLynn Cobb at for more information on your vision benefits through Metlife available to all NPMA members.

NPMA Education and Events

There is only one episode left in NPMA’s engaging virtual conference series: Working on Your Business, Not in It, and seats are limited!

On December 7 at 3:30 PM EST, Mark DeGeare of Forshaw Inc. moderates an informative debate between Erin Richardson of All-American Pest Control and Fred Wingate of Noosa Pest Management in the final episode, Learning to Let Go. They will discuss their winning strategies to overcoming the challenges of transitioning from a business owner to a business leader. Register now for this episode.

If you missed the first two episodes or wish to view them again, click here to view  Episode One: Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan and here to view  Episode Two: Bridging the Gap.

Weekly Headlines
A couple believes they got bed bugs from shopping at Port Charlotte Town Center.
It may be colder outside, but that doesn’t stop pests from infiltrating your home. Even with the cold weather, spiders and fleas can still be a problem in your home.
A 70-year-old Hong Kong woman has contracted the rat-specific version of Hepatitis E, signifying only the second time the disease has been documented in humans.
Science Daily
Ticks are hardy little brutes that can go as long as a year without a meal.
Many scientists think that having a better understanding of the insect’s genome—the complete set of genetic material in an organism—could help to reduce infections.
Brother Mobile Solutions
NAPROCO LLC dba Garden Girls Repellents
For your Business
Research has shown that exercise can have amazing benefits on your productivity at work, including a 41% increase in motivation, 21% increase in concentration, and a 22% increase in finishing work on time.
Fast Company
Vulnerability isn’t weakness. It could be exactly what you need to be a more effective leader.
There is one simple change you can make in your own behavior that will improve your company culture: Promote the notion in your staff that they have an obligation to dissent.
Content is one of your strongest marketing tools – when written and produced right. However, many businesses and marketers fall into these common traps.
Some of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn about how to be successful in business (and in life, for that matter) comes from getting out there and doing it.
Trending Articles

A woman said an ongoing rodent problem in her east Dallas apartment is causing sleepless nights and lots of frustration.

Yorktown Daily Voice
A rather unconventional source has been determined as the cause of an outage that knocked out power to more than 12,500 upstate New York residents.

Thought Leaders
If our businesses are to be successful, we need to move from an era of command and control to a system of “leadership by consent.” Here are ten things great leaders do to make that shift.

Sales Rabbit
SalesRabbit Field Sales App
SalesRabbit optimizes every aspect of your sales and management process. Track leads, manage areas, collect data, and beat sales benchmarks with a field-proven approach
Perfect for field sales, canvassing, or door-to-door sales teams.
  Date Event Location
  November 27-29, 2018 Global Bed Bug Summit Denver, CO
  January 23-25  Eastern Conference Pocono Manor, PA   
  February 5-6 Southern Conference Memphis, TN
  February 6-8  Wildlife Conference Myrtle Beach, SC
  February 24-26 Legislative Day 2019 Washington, DC
  July 17-18 NPMA Academy Phoenix, AZ
  October 15-18 PestWorld 2019 San Diego, CA

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