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Last week, Jim Fredericks, NPMA’s Vice President of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, was appointed to the U.S. EPA’s Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC). The PPDC is a Federal Advisory Committee that meets with EPA on a regular basis to discuss pesticide regulatory, policy, and program implementation issues. Membership on the PPDC is a two-year commitment, during which NPMA will represent the structural pest control industry and its perspectives on the committee.

More information about PPDC’s objectives and activities (from the US EPA PPDC Charter)
“EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) is entrusted with the important responsibilities of ensuring that Americans are not exposed to unsafe levels of pesticides in food, protecting from unreasonable risk and educating those who apply or are exposed to pesticides occupationally or through use of products, and protecting the environment and special ecosystems from potential risks posed by pesticides. PPDC is a policy-oriented committee that will provide policy advice, information and recommendations to EPA. PPDC will provide a public forum to discuss a wide variety of pesticide regulatory development and reform initiatives, evolving public policy and program implementation issues, and policy issues associated with evaluating and reducing risks from use of pesticides.

Cooper Pest Control
Nisus Corp

Wednesday, October 25 – 8:30AM
Session sponsored by Dow AgroSciences

Doc Hendley is the epitome of the individual who has made a difference. Tens of thousands of people around the world have clean drinking water they did not have before an idea popped into the head of this “tattooed keg-tapper” musician’s head.

Hendley realized that just by using his ability to tend bar and create relationships with people, he might be able to help the problem. At the bars where he worked, he started raising money to fight this water epidemic the best way he knew how, by pouring wine and playing music. He has taken personal risks to do the hard work of providing water and clean water education in far flung locations around the globe. He worked in dozens of refugee camps installing water systems for victims of Darfur’s government supported genocide. Often inside the United Nations' dangerous "no-go" zones, he distributed water or chlorine tablets to people with only plastic sheeting for shelter.

Hendley was named one of the Top 10 CNN Heroes for 2009 (chosen from over 9,000 applicants by a panel of judges including Gen. Colin Powell, Whoopi Goldberg, Ted Turner and Sir Elton John). Today, his foundation Wine to Water aims to help the 1.1 billion people worldwide who lack access to clean water.

Click here for more program details and to register for PestWorld 2017.

Nisus Corp
Fireback's dual "spray & straw" applicator
Fireback’s new double-strike applicator targets both visible and hidden pests. The permanently attached hinged flip-up straw reaches listed pests hiding in cracks and crevices. Flip it down to expose the opening for a normal spray. Fireback kills on contact and provides a 3-month residual. Use it for 29 listed pests.
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NPMA is pleased to announce that The Exterminators (PVT) Ltd. of Sri Lanka has become a part of NPMA Gives and has committed to contributing one percent of their annual net profit to charitable causes.

NPMA Gives is a business recognition program designed to showcase the charitable donations, programs and time contributed by our member companies to their communities. As part of the program, NPMA members commit to donating one percent of their annual net profit to charitable causes (through monetary donations, donated products or services or volunteerism).

Learn more here.

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Carpenter Ant in Damaged Wood

 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
pest images at for use by NPMA members.

UPG Unified Purchasing Group
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Horizon Dehumidifiers
Professional Business Consultants
Weiser Group LLC

Edge Pest Control of Orem, UT

Member Benefit Highlight

Nissan presents NPMA members with an exclusive program that makes NPMA members and Partners eligible to purchase a new Nissan or Infiniti vehicle using exclusive incentives established by Nissan for NPMA.

Allergy Technologies LLC
Get Started with Bed Bug Prevention!
Pest Management Professionals are discovering they can be both more efficient and effective with their bed bug work by incorporating ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners into their control and preventive strategies. PMPs are no longer passively encasing bed bugs, hoping they don’t escape; ActiveGuard® kills them 24/7 for two years.
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NPMA Education and Events

Wednesday, September 27 – 2:00pm ET

For such a tiny pest, fleas can create a huge problem for homeowners and PMPs. Learn about the latest advancements in flea control with this month’s technical webinar led by Dr. Michael Dryden: The State of Modern Flea Control. In this exciting and informative session, Dr. Dryden draws on his years of research and field expertise to discuss the past, present, and future of managing one of our most challenging pests.

Episode One: Recruiting the Best
Presented by Phil Cooper of Cooper Pest Control and Tim Wong of Rollins Inc.

Employees are the life-blood of any business. They can fuel production, improve customer satisfaction, and drive company growth. But, finding and keeping employees that positively impact your business can often feel like an uphill battle. Stop the cycle of high turnover and low employee retention, and start hiring employees that last with NPMA’s latest virtual conference series: Hire Smart & Manage Easy. In this engaging three-part series, industry icons come together to deliver an innovative approach to employee recruitment.

On October 3 at 9:00 a.m. ET, business leaders Phil Cooper of Cooper Pest Control and Tim Wong of Rollins Inc. come together in episode one, Recruiting the Best, to share winning strategies for avoiding common pitfalls when recruiting new employees.

Limited seats are available for each episode, so sign up today!

Members Make Headlines

American Pest Management Inc. has started a pest control program for children, the Junior Pest Technician Program. The program was created to engage kids’ interests in insects, further their knowledge on good bugs vs. bad bugs, and host events where they can meet other Junior Pest Technicians. 

The Ohio Pest Management Association (OPMA) is excited to announce they will be holding an all-day test preparation course on December 5th, 2017 and facilitate testing for the Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) exam certification December 6th, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. Both days will be proctored and instructed by a current B.C.E. and an A.C.E. A.C.E. certification is the leading certification program for the pest management industry; if you would like more information you can visit For a registration form or more details please contact Melinda Howells (executive director of OPMA) at

Weekly Headlines

Business Wire
In the fall, pests will forage for food for the winter, and also feed on your tailgating leftovers. NPMA gives tips to stop pests before kickoff.

In Austin, pest control companies in Austin have been busy for the past few weeks. They say the increase in business to the recent rain from Harvey, as well as the warm and rainy past few years.

The Conversation
Even though flooding from Hurricanes Irma and Harvey are receding, health threats remain. The water left behind by storms will undoubtedly result in a mosquito explosion, increasing the risk of Zika.

The Washington Post
The District has long struggled with rodents, but the city’s population boom, combined with an increase in the numbers of restaurants and bars as well as recent mild winters, has resulted in an increase in rats.

CBS Detroit
Detroit bus drivers are dealing with rodent infested busses, and have regularly seen roaches, rodents and bed bugs.

Brother Mobile Solutions
Garden Girls Repellents LLC
For your Business

How can you stay mentally strong while dealing with snarky comments? Don’t let jabs in the workplace get you down – here are tips to deal with negativity.

McKinsey & Company
Leaders often spend more time dealing with the work at hand rather than learning new skills. But the benefits to increasing your skillset outweigh the challenges you face in making the time to do so.

Harvard Business Review
Sue Ashford, a professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, explains how leadership happens, and shows that leadership is a state that everyone can reach, whether they’re officially in charge or not.

Art Petty
Developing managers as leaders should be the goal of any company. Too often, talented individuals are promoted as managers but receive no supervisory training – and managers also need to develop leadership characteristics so they can lead inspired teams.

Fast Company
We’ve all heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” Here are some tips to make that actually work for you.

Trending Articles

In the Northwest, it’s spider season – and due to the warm weather seen recently, more spiders are possible. Here’s what you can do to keep spiders away.

Fast Company
More people than you think don’t tell the whole truth on their resume – but the lies can be tough to spot. Here are six red flags that someone stretched the truth.


One. That is the total number of locally transmitted Zika cases confirmed in the continental United States this year, as of mid-August.

Liphatech, Inc.
Stock up on FirstStrike®! It is offered in four distinct packages. Get a $20 rebate when you purchase two, plus $10 more on each additional FirstStrike package purchased from a Distributor between Sept. 15 and Nov. 15, 2017. With no limit on the number of rebates you can receive, your wallet will thank you – but rodents won’t.
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  Oct. 24-27 PestWorld 2017 Baltimore, MD
  Nov. 28-30 NPMA Technology Conference Salt Lake City, UT
  Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2018 Wildlife Expo 2018 New Orleans, LA



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