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Employee Drug Testing in the Age of Legal Weed
Learn how to navigate the age of legal week and how this may affect your business. 

Help with Yelp: Making your Business Page Stand Out
Learn best practices for answering poor reviews, and tips for responding to great reviews.

Developing a Digital Age Device Policy for Your Company
Review HR policies that are a “must-have” for any employee handbook.

Facebook 15: Hands-On with Facebook Business Pages
Roll up your sleeves and make a meaningful first step toward making social media work for your business.

From Technician to CEO – Implementing Good Business Practices to Maximize Profitability
Explore the evolution of a high-growth service firm, and the time-tested business concepts that serve as a roadmap to success for an owner or manager. 

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Crawlspace Depot

In a series of information letters, the Internal Revenue Service indicated that it won't waive individual and employer mandate penalties under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) despite President Trump's Jan. 20 executive order directing agencies to reduce potential burdens imposed by the law.

These letters were created in response to questions from individual taxpayers. Please remember that these letters can only be relied on by the taxpayer to whom they are issued, but are a good indication of the IRS' position on particular issues.

NPMA’s new health insurance exchange can help you provide affordable coverage for your employees.


IRS Information Letter 2017-0010
IRS Information Letter 2017-0013
IRS Information Letter 2017-0011
IRS Information Letter 2017-0017

Crawlspace Depot
Up to 20% energy savings with Bora-Foam.
Bora-Foam is the first termite-resistant expanded polystyrene insulation designed for basement and crawl space encapsulation. It’s an important component in preventing termites and moisture, and is proven to meet or exceed building codes. R-11 Bora-Foam can help can save up to 20% on energy costs as well.
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The most professional companies in our industry earn the prestigious QualityPro accreditation. Take 10 minutes during your next company training to enable your team to talk about QualityPro with customers and each other. Download the QualityPro Overview .ppt and customize slide #11 with when & why your company became accredited.


As you prepare your kids for the new school year, we want to help shake that summer brain fog with free and fun learning activities on Designed for students in grades K-8, is filled with bug biology, games, arts and crafts and other learning activities that are sure to both educate and entertain.

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Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar dispar) with Egg Mass

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NPMA and Nissan have worked together to provide another valuable benefit to NPMA members. The NPMA PestFleet program provides deep discounts on ALL Nissan Vehicles to NPMA members and, access to the cost-efficient PestFleet System. Click here for more details about the PestFleet Package or call 866-218-8047.

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Get Started with Bed Bug Prevention!
Pest Management Professionals are discovering they can be both more efficient and effective with their bed bug work by incorporating ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners into their control and preventive strategies. PMPs are no longer passively encasing bed bugs, hoping they don’t escape; ActiveGuard® kills them 24/7 for two years.
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Don’t miss the next presentation of NPMA’s technical webinar series live on Wednesday, August 30th at 2:00pm ESTFly Management in the 21st Century.

So many pest fly species, so little time to talk about all them! In this webinar, Judy Black, Rentokil Steritech’s Vice President of Technical Services, discusses what actions our industry can take to prevent both large and small flies from becoming issues in our client’s facilities. While the primary focus of this webinar will be on commercial properties, this session will also highlight flies as pests of residences, and will conclude with a candid look into what the future of fly control might look like 5 or 10 years from now.

To register for this webinar, click here.

To view other NPMA OnDemand webinars, please click here.

Members Make Headlines

Arrow Exterminators recently announced the five winners of its third annual internal scholarship program. The scholarship program was open to Arrow team members and their dependents who were either graduating high school seniors or enrolled in a college program. The applicants were asked to write a short essay on what has surprised them the most about the Pest Control Industry. Congratulations to Christopher Seda, Haley Wellborn, Matthew Powell, Jade Dorminey, and Austin Jaggers!

Rentokil Steritech recently acquired companies in Louisiana and Wisconsin, part of its expansion in markets across the country.

The two latest acquisitions are Fischer Environmental Services Inc., Mandeville, LA, and Batzner Pest Control Inc., New Berlin, WI.

Weekly Headlines

News Week
Fleas in two Arizona counties are carrying bubonic plague, an infectious disease that took the lives of millions of people in the Middle Ages, according to news reports. So far there have been no reported illness and deaths.

The Washington Post
Despite what you might've seen in 1950s monster movies, it's difficult to raise mutant ants. For years biologists have altered the genetics of organisms as varied as mice and rice. Mutant fruit flies are a laboratory staple. But ants' complex life cycle hampered efforts to grow genetically engineered ants — until now.

City Lab
The age-old strategy is “see a rat, kill a rat.” The new plan is to end an infestation before it ever begins.

Adults infected with the Zika virus can develop a number of serious neurological conditions, a new study finds. Until now, the most troubling Zika-related illness in adults has been Guillain-Barre syndrome, which causes muscle weakness and paralysis.

The Salt Lake Tribune
A few years after making its first known appearance in Utah, the invasive elm seed bug is showing up in homes across the state.

Brother Mobile Solutions
Garden Girls Repellents LLC
For your Business

Great Leadership
Lots of people think they are magnetic leaders when they are anything but. I define magnetic leaders as those who appear to effortlessly attract talent that will stick around.

Given the pace of technological change, trying to keep up by simply reacting is futile. Yet most companies don’t approach innovation strategically and fail to think about how technology will affect their long-term future.

Harvard Business Review
One of the most exciting and — sometimes anxiety-producing transitions in a career — comes when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager. At this juncture, what you think, what you say, and how you show up — in effect, your leadership presence — can have a direct impact on those you are now leading and managing for the first time. So, as a new manager, how do you build an authentic and connected leadership presence that has a positive impact on your team and colleagues?

Being a great leader is so much harder than it looks. What's difficult about leadership is that nobody ever sits you down and "teaches" you what being a real leader is all about. There's no class in early education that defines leadership. Peers in group projects tend to label leaders as "overachievers" (and not in a good way). In college, leadership is reduced down to who is going to talk the most during a presentation. And even on sports teams, the leader is usually the best player--and wears a letter on his or her jersey as a trophy of their accomplishments.

Defining what makes a good leader is hard. Great leaders have certain qualities that are difficult to identify and pin down, begging the question: Why do people follow them? Often, the answer has to do with an indescribable "it" factor -- a charisma that attracts others to them.

Liphatech, Inc.
Stock up on FirstStrike®! It is offered in four distinct packages. Get a $20 rebate when you purchase two, plus $10 more on each additional FirstStrike package purchased from a Distributor between Sept. 15 and Nov. 15, 2017. With no limit on the number of rebates you can receive, your wallet will thank you – but rodents won’t.
Visit or call Liphatech at 888-331-7900.
Trending Articles
As the summer travel season kicks into high gear, Penn State researchers have found a potential solution to those unwanted guests that can turn a relaxing vacation into a skin-crawling nightmare.

NBC New York
Residents of a Long Island town want their local leaders to take action against a growing rat problem.

Fast Company
These days, leaders are coached to be sensitive, empathetic, and concerned with others’ feelings–all worthy, important attributes that a great boss (or anyone with a shred of emotional intelligence) needs to possess. So with the best of intentions we go out of our way to be nice and collegial–and wind up overdoing the mea culpas.

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